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All About the Anemone Flower

If you are looking for something beautiful for a bouquet or garden, then the anemone is the perfect choice. Carrying the Greek meaning of “daughter of the wind” (hence the nickname “windflower”), this perennial flower is very easy to grow and care for, and comes in a wide variety of colours. The most popular choice of anemone is the anemone coronaria, or poppy anemone. These are the brightly coloured blooms with dark centers featured in many late fall to early summer bouquets.

Description of the Anemone Flower

The anemone is a member of the ranunculales family (more commonly known as the buttercup family), and there are currently over 150 species of anemone being cultivated. The different varieties have as few as four and as many as twenty-seven petals, and are available in nearly every colour imaginable. They share a similar look with a few different flowers, namely buttercups, poppies and daisies, so it can be difficult to differentiate them from other blooms.

Growing the Anemone Flower?

When it comes to growing the anemone flower, you’ll have to make sure your flower beds are in the right condition to properly stimulate growth. The soil should be loamy and have lots of well-rotted fertilizer to ensure your blooms are bright and healthy, and you should make sure that the seeds are planted deeper than any other flower seeds you have. The anemone flower blooms during May and June, and will certainly add a welcome splash of bright colour to your garden.

Uses for the Anemone Flower

The main use of the anemone is as a cut stem in bouquets and arrangements. This is due in part to the large colour selection anemones come in, as well as the long vase life (if properly cared for, anemones can last up to nine days once cut). However, to ensure you get the most life out of your cut stems, make sure they are harvested early in the morning while the blooms are still tight. Another use for the anemone is as a garden plant, as they are great ways to fill space between other flowers or as a standalone bloom. If you’re looking for a flower that is easy to plant and grow, but will also look great on yours or someone you love’s kitchen table, then the anemone is the perfect gift.