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All About the Aster Flower

If you’re looking for something delicate and beautiful, look no further. The Aster flower gets its name from the Greek word "astron", which relates to stars and celestial objects. This says a lot about the aster and its appearance, which resembles a star with its many petite petals. Along with being adorable little blooms, asters represent love and patience, making them excellent gifts for long term relationships and all of their ups and downs. The aster is also the flower for the 20th anniversary, really driving its meaning home.

Description of the Aster Flower

There are many different types of asters, separated into two genera: aster and asteraceae. Many of the blooms look very similar with their celestial charm, but each have their own defining characteristics. Most of the flowers are between six and twelve inches tall, and the blooms come in many colours like pink, purple, violet, white, and even occasionally in black. With so many great colours and varieties to choose from, it’s easy to see why the aster is such a popular flower for bouquets, arrangements and gardens.

Uses for the Aster Flower

This flower is a symbol of love and patience, thus they are often found in bouquets geared towards the romantic. These flowers are great for bouquets as they accent focal flowers like roses and gerberas very nicely. If you’ve grown them yourself, you’ll want to harvest them earlier in the day to get the most life out of them, but with a vase life of a week to two weeks, you’re sure to get your money’s worth from asters. Asters are the perfect choice when you’re looking for something petite and cute, or sweet and loving. They are lasting cut flowers and gorgeous plants, so whichever way you gift them, you are sure to put a smile on someone’s face.

Growing the Aster Flower

The aster flower is pretty easy to grow, meaning that even those without green thumbs can still enjoy their vibrancy. They grow best in parts of the world that get cool and moist summers, though they can grow in other climates. Asters are very sensitive to soil moisture levels, so it’s important to make sure that they are in a well-irrigated area to avoid overwatering, but also to ensure they get all the water they need.