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Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland

All About the Bells of Ireland

Moluccella laevis, better known as Bells of Ireland, are actually not from Ireland as the name might suggest. They are actually found throughout Syria and Turkey, and represent good luck in the language of flowers. If you’re looking for a gift for a graduation, new job or even just someone who’s down on their luck, Bells of Ireland are sure to bring your recipient some good fortune.

Description of the Bells of Ireland Flower

If you want to find Bells of Ireland, look for tall green spires covered in leafy green shells and small white flowers. They can grow up to three feet tall, towering over most other garden plants, and tend to bloom in the summer when they can get the most sun. They have a light fragrance as they are a member of the mint family, and can vary in shades of green from bright chartreuse to rich peridot.

Uses for Bells Of Ireland

This flower is very versatile and works wonderfully in a garden, vase arrangement or fresh cut bouquet, or it can even be dried out for decorative purposes. They add eccentricity and uniqueness to anything they are included in, creating focal points in bouquets or vases. However, they can also instill a sense of grandeur and boldness, especially when used in funeral sprays and other large arrangements.

Growing Bells Of Ireland

If you want to have your very own Bells of Ireland, you’ll need to ensure you can provide the proper growing conditions. They are a bit finicky in that they require full sun and regular watering, but do not do well in warm, humid climates. As the stalks grow taller, you may need to use stakes to ensure the plants do not fall over. These plants are great in gardens where deer are an issue, as deer tend to avoid them in favor of other plants.