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Birthday Flowers by Month

Celebrating Birthdays with Flowers, Month by Month

At Vancouver Florist, one of our favorite design orders to fill is perhaps the birthday bouquet. There is no better way to celebrate the birth of a loved one or a friend. Guarantee smiles on their face with a bouquet of specially chosen flowers that correspond to the birth month of the recipient. Creating a gift of flowers, balloons, bears, chocolates or other gifts if a fantastic way to show your commitment to a relationship, whichever type it may be. Accompanied with a message from the heart is a fantastic way to make our days a little bit brighter. Each month has its own special bloom and each one has a deeper meaning than most people will realize. Take advantage of this and send a truly thoughtful gift!

January Flower


This is a month for Carnations. The Carnation flower symbolizes the first feelings of love that most of us experience for our mothers. This beautiful flower is available in a wide range of colors. We suggest choosing a colour that is refreshing and clean to set off a good tone to the New Year. It is also one of the most popular flowers that is given on special occasions like Mother’s Day, Easter and in a basket for your Grandma’s Birthday. Anyone who loves a long lasting flower is certain to love the lifespan of a Carnation. They can also be dyed and create something truly unique.

February Flower


The word February comes from the Latin for purity. What better way to honour that sentiment than by choosing the Violet as its representative. Its colour s vary but the plant itself is great to send as it is long lasting and a nostalgic flower that will bring back fond memories. Also sometimes known as Heartsease or Pansies, these flowers have a scent that is not always obvious and can be very elusive, just like true love. They pop up in the quaintest of gardens and are a true love and passion for many happy gardeners.

March Flower


This month was originally the first month is Roman calendar and was so named to honour Mars, the God dedicated to war. Even after the calendar was changed to its current state, this month is still celebrated as a first, very often the beginning of spring. To celebrate this, the flower chosen to represent this month is the Daffodil, the one flower that is the most visible first bloom of the season. This flower represents rebirth, renewal and symbolizes the battle the spring has when concerning the winter. The Daffodil is a testament to courage and hope, making it the ideal flower to send to a spring baby.

April Flower


In mythology, this month was always sacred to the goddesses of love. The flower chosen to represent this month, the Daisy, was most likely chosen because it is always been a symbol that represents the secrecy of love, the emotion that lies beneath the surface and resides inside one’s heart. Daisies are available in 2 types generally in store, the Gerbera Daisies and the Chrysanthemum daisies. The large faced gerbera daisies are ideal to represent this sentiment as they have broad pedals and last very well. A perfect spring flower for that perfect- someone.

May Flower


It is believed that the name for this month also came from mythology representing the goddess Maia, one of the Greek goddesses dedicated to the springtime and the vernal equinox. Celebrations during this month would typically honour births, weddings and the plantings of food crops. The flower chosen for this month is the Lily of the Valley, whose meaning foretells a return to happiness for all who look upon it. Its pleasant white upside down tea cup shape is light and feminine with a beautiful smell to rival all others: A tremendous choice in sending this, the dainty Lily of the Valley.

June Flower


June is usually the most desired month to hold a wedding. This may be because it was named after the most powerful queen of the goddesses in mythology Juno, whose domain was that of wedded bliss. It is no wonder then that the Rose is the flower that represents June, being the timeless symbol of love and beauty. An elegant long stemmed rose of any colour can be arranged in so many ways, and depending on the varieties can be quite long lasting. Choose a rose today for that special someone.

July Flower


July was renamed to honour Julius Caesar, perhaps the most important general in all of Roman history. Perhaps it was because of Caesar’s decisions later in life, especially those concerning his love for Cleopatra that the Larkspur was chosen as the flower to represent July, for no flower represents fickleness better than the Larkspur. Its colour ranges from pale light blues to deep purples. These paper-like flowers are as whimsical as the story behind this month: Perfect for a dreamer.

August Flower


The term for August was originally coined to honour Augustus Caesar, the founder of Rome. History proclaims August is the month of transition. As the seasons move from summer into the fall it can be a strong and powerful month. As the weather changes these resilient local flowers stand the test of time. They are called Gladiolus. These tall tapered stems host a line up of blooms that are wide at the base and get progressively smaller as they reach the tops for the stem, like a sword. It is perhaps for that reason that the Gladiolus, which represents strength as it was once carried by gladiators, as its representative.

September Flower


September is the month of real transition. As the days grow shorter and the nights grew cooler, this month: The air changes. It is the month when we fully realize that summer has ended, and fall has begun. The flower chosen for September is the Aster, a symbol of love and fragile things. It is available in so many different colours, if for a birthday choose from the rich saturated tones of deep purples, burgundy or other warm fall tones.

October Flower


October begins the harvest, when we reap the bounty of the crops planted in the spring. This is the month that celebrates creativity, especially in the arts and humanities. It is a time of festivals, bonfires, and celebrations of the fragile balance between life and death. October’s flower is the Marigold, whose meaning defines both grief and jealousy. It is a playful flower with many layers that arrive in golden and rust colors most often.

November Flower


November is the month when we all gather together to celebrate the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter. It is a time of transition, from fall to winter, when the bright blooms fade away, the gold leaves fall from the trees before the winter snow blankets the countryside. To honour the gathering of families and loved ones, the Chrysanthemum was chosen to represent this month, as the best represents the meetings of friendship, kinship and happiness. Available in a variety of styles and colours you will absolutely be able to choose a “mum” that best suits that special someone.

December Flower


The end of the known year, this month is represented by the Holly, one of the traditional flowering plants of the Yuletide. Along with the Yule log, the poinsettia, and the evergreen tree, the tradition of decorating our homes with this flower dates back centuries. Its meaning lies not only in the spirit of defending our homes from the chill of winter, but also as a herald of happiness in the home. Holly is a long lasting shrubbery that can be yielded and incorporated into seasonal arrangements. Its deep green colour and festive coral berries make it a perfect gift for December.