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Cactus Plant

All About the Cactus Plant

People all know what a cactus is, but there is a lot more to it than just something that has prickly pieces to it. You will find that there is a lot of history that you can get out of this plant and it can be fun to understand the meaning. Cactus actually comes from a Greek word “kaktos” which of course is a plant that has spiny thistles to protect it. You will find that there are a few other names people know it by; one of the most entertaining is “Mother-in-law’s Cushion.” As a floral meaning, the cactus represents longevity and endurance; this is a plant that can handle what is thrown at it in terms of the elements.

Description of the Cactus Plant

You will see that the cactus plant has all kinds of different species and variations to it. The different looks of the cactus plant will all depend on the species of it and which one it is. Some of the cacti that are out there will be tall and look like trees, others are going to be short and stubby or be ones that you can put in a planter and sit on the kitchen counter. You will find that there are a lot of choices and a lot of species out there that you can check out.

Uses for the Cactus Plant

You aren’t going to find people giving away cacti as Valentine’s Day presents and gifts, but they are fun for other occasions. People that are giving the cactus to their family members or friends are doing it so that they have a gift that will last for a long time. You will find that since these plants have a floral meeting of endurance, if you are giving it someone that is having a hard time or is determined to get something done; meaning is a great thing to look at. For the most part, the main uses for cactus are to decorate just like you would with trees in an area that is dry and that has that climate to grow them in.

Growing a Cactus Plant

The nice thing is, the cactus is really easy to grow, there is really just one key to growing the cactus plant and that is the amount of water that is given to it. However, with the different species, you may need to watch the way that you are growing them and how water that you are giving them. Make sure that any cactus you are growing gets the dry soil that they need and if you are growing them inside that you are replicating the conditions the best way that you can. The way that you are going to ensure that they aren’t overwatered is to have them well irrigated, have them in soil with rocks so that the water will drain through and the cactus will only get what they need. If you overwater a cactus it will actually cause detrimental issues.