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Calendula Flower

All About the Calendula Flower

Commonly known as the pot marigold the calendula plant is popular all across the globe. There are countless people that adore this plant for its fabulous looks. For people who like this plant there are a lot of things they will be able to do with it as far as growing it. It is cautioned for the fan of the calendula or pot marigold to not get it confused with the standard marigold as they are quite different and from different plant families. Here are a few things you may be interested in learning about this unique plant.


Description of the Calendula Flower

A member of the asteraceea family, the calendula plant has quite the fan club. In looks it resembles the daisy and is actually part of the same family, making it a relative to the daisy. The calendula plant is actually part of the asteraceea family. For those that pay attention to flowers they will realize it looks as different from an actual marigold as a daisy would. There are other fans that describe this plant as a cross between a marigold and a daisy and it does look like this. The multitude of petals adds to the similarity with daisies but it is often colored like a marigold. It is because of these similarities that many people tend to think that it is actually related to the marigold.

Uses for the Calendula Flower

The calendula is a plant that has a wide range of uses making it very versatile for a great many people. It is actually a plant that has some fantastic medicinal uses that are commonly looked over. For many people a pot marigold is able to help with constipation or even muscle cramps, easing pain. In addition to this the pot marigold is capable of being used as an anti-inflammatory. There are some people who enjoy using it in teas for these medicinal properties while many others are mainly interested in getting it in their garden. It is a beautiful plant that looks great in arrangements, gardens, and many other places. It is also a fantastic flower that isn’t difficult to find. If you’re looking for a new flower to get in your garden the calendula is the perfect plant.

Growing the Calendula Flower

One of the best features of this plant it that it’s super easy to grow and is pleasing to the eye. Just like the marigold that we see every day, this plant doesn’t require explicit care. Even for the person who doesn’t really have a green thumb they won’t have difficulty getting the calendula to grow. You will want to make sure that the plant gets adequate water and sun. You won’t have to worry too much about when you plant it because it isn’t particular in regards to season. You will want to make sure that the ground isn’t frozen though as this won’t be ideal for planting. This is a versatile plant that is good for everyone.