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Calla Lily

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All About the Calla Lily Flower

If you are looking for a beautiful flower, the Calla Lily is one of those; however, there is a lot of great floral information that you should understand about this flower. The Calla Lily is not a lily, it is not part of the lily family and it is part of the Araceae family. Even with its beauty, you will find that this flower is poisonous and it can be harmful to animals and people both. The flower has different floral meanings and you want to understand that. The flower stands for beauty, but it has a femme fatal feel to it. You will find that this is an extremely popular option for a flower despite the alternate meaning that it has, it is something that is used as an option to celebrate death and at funerals.

Description of the Calla Lily Flower

The great part about the Calla lily is that it continuously blooms over and over again, so that makes it a perennial plant. That is great because it means that you don’t have to plant it over and over again. These plants are tall, the plant can be between two and three feet and it is extremely easy to notice because it has a bright and dark green stem and some extremely large leaves. The flower is easily recognizable because it is beautiful, but it is so simple. The flower is absolutely white but it does have a yellow center that really stands out amid the white. It is easy to spot a Calla lily.

Uses for the Calla Lily Flower

You will find that with the Calla Lily, it has many different uses. It is found in bouquets, although it does have sort of a morbid meaning to it. This is an expensive flower, so the bouquets with them in it will cost a lot. This flower is used at funerals because it is so beautiful and it does stand for death in some of the cultures out there. Make sure that you are going to understand the meaning of this flower before you give it to someone, but it will look great and it will look beautiful in bouquets and really stand out as a flower.

Learn More About the Calla Lily Flower

A key fact about the Calla lily is that it is poisonous. Many people don’t know that and it is important to understand that. The plant has what is called Zantedeschia in it, which will harm both people and animals that try to ingest the plant. For the plant, this is only used as a defense mechanism to stay beautiful. If someone was to ingest this plant or your dog were to get into it for example, symptoms would include a burning sensation, swelling of the tongue, throat, and lips, and major stomach pain. It is so poisonous, that even though it is beautiful, you will find that in some areas of the world it is actually considered a pest because of this reason.