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All About the Camellia Flower

If you are looking for a gorgeous flower, you are going to want to check out the Camellia flower that is found in the country of Asia. This is a flower where the name comes from a dedication to a person: Georg Joseph Kamel, he was a botanist. This flower will stand out as a beautiful option and it also has a great aroma that you will be able to appreciate. You want to make sure that you check this option as a great flower to put in arrangements and see what a stunningly beautiful flower this is and all that you can do with it.

Description of the Camellia Flower

This flower comes from an evergreen shrub that is sometimes large enough to be a small tree, it is obviously a flowering plant and the trees and the shrub can sometimes grow between 8 to 10 feet tall and really stand out. You will find that the leaves on the trees are thick and that they are very glossy, they are also large leaves. The flower itself that blooms on this tree is about 3 or 4 inches in diameter and has large petals. You will find that flower doesn’t come in just one color and there are reds, pinks, yellows, and even shades of white that are out there.

Uses for the Camellia Flower

These are standout flowers, they are beautiful and they have some very defining features. The flowers are bright and they are big, so they really do make great options for growing or bouquets. But, aside from making some great bouquets, there are other uses for these flowers too. Camellias are actually used for tea production and many teas are made from the plant itself. The tea tastes great that comes from these. You can also use this plant as cooking oil, just as they use it as tea oil too. What happens is that the seeds are actually pressed and cooked into different dishes out there. So, great bouquets, or great food and drink options will really make it stand out and will make it a great flower to take a closer look at.

Growing the Camellia Flower

The Camellia flower has some pretty stringent growing conditions that it needs. You will find that since they are native to an area that tends to be more tropical, they have a pretty specific type of soil that they need. So, what you need mainly to grow these flowers is soil that is basic and does not have a high pH count to it. Since they are growing in a tropical area, they are also going to need to have a lot more water, so if they are outdoors and they aren’t getting enough water, you need to supplement it with other ways. Since these are an evergreen plant, you need to give them the ideal growing conditions so that they grow fast and they grow tall and they will look great.