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All About the Carnation Flower

Everyone knows the Carnation, it is one of the most standard flowers that are out there, it is a basic flower, and it is used in a ton of different bouquets. This is actually one of the staple options for floral arrangements out there. However, historically, this flower has a little bit more meaning to it. In ancient Rome, it was actually called Jove’s flower and it was one that was worn a lot. Today, we use it more for corsages, as it is one of the most common ones that are used and it is a flower that is tied to feminine love and admiration. You will find that these flowers have been grown and they have been picked for over two centuries.

Description of the Carnation Flower

There are many different species of carnations out there, and this means that there are different shapes, sizes and colors that they come in. The carnation is a perennial plant, that means that it doesn’t need to be replanted each year, it will keep blooming over and over again. The plant itself is a grayish-green or a bluish-green usually, and they can grow pretty tall. The plant will flower with five flowers on each stem and they will be between 1 and 2 inches. Carnations come in a variety of colors, from purples and pinks to red and greens, to yellow and whites. They are beautiful and they really stand out, as more hybrid breeding occurs, more options will probably be created in terms of colors.

Uses for the Carnation Flower

You can do a lot with the carnations out there. You will find that there are many different things to do with them. Some people plant them in their yards and in flowerbeds so that they can have beautiful flowers and ones that are generally easy to grow also. You will also find that these can be used to fill up an arrangement that you are working on and are going to cost a lot less than some of the other flowers out there. The biggest use of carnations is for corsages, many people use them for that because they look great, they stand up, and they are going to come in all kinds of colors that you can choose form. You have a lot of choices for these, so making sure that they work for you is a great idea.

Growing the Carnation Flower

The good news is that if you want a beginner flower to grow, the carnation is perfect for you. There are some tips that can help you best grow these flowers though and make sure that they really stand out. You want to make sure that you are growing them in a soil that is alkaline and you need good drainage, whether they are in the ground or in a potted plant holder. If you don’t have an area that is well drained, you need to create those conditions. With the right conditions, your flowers will grow bigger and better and they will really look great.