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All About the Cattail Flower

A cattail is an interesting flower, for a lot of people, they don’t even think of it as a flower, but it is. This flower, however, has a very specific meaning and is a very interesting flower that you can take a look at. With the cattail, you will find that it is a flower that you would give to create peace between friends or lovers that may be fighting. This is a flower that you will hand someone to symbolize peace and let them know that you are thinking about them and that you also wish them prosperity. If your goal is to show someone that you appreciate them or that you are trying to make peace, give them a cattail and it will help smooth it all out.

Description of the Cattail Flower

Some people know the Cattail as the Typha plant. You will always find this flower in habitats that are wetlands and otherwise, they are hard to grow in terms of recreating the conditions that are out there. You will find that the flowers are extremely simple in the way that they look. The neat thing is that the flower can grow tall and can be about a foot long. There are also two different sexes for this flower, so there actually is a male and a female flower. The female actually looks prettier and the male flower is more for reproduction. This is a unique flower as it has a spike on the top, it is generally brown in color, and there aren’t petals per say.

Uses for the Cattail Flower

You probably aren’t going to fill bouquets with cattails and the flowers that they have, but they are occasionally used for that. What more of the uses are for the cattail end up being is that they are edible and that is a neat feature of the flower. You will find that not only are they edible, but they also are good for you to eat, you eat the stem that grows underground. The stem has a lot of nutrients in it for you. The spike which is at the top of the cattail can also be eaten basically like you would eat an ear of corn. Historically, ancient tribes used these to make flour and were using this plant to get energy when they were out hunting.

Growing the Cattail Flower

You will find that it is extremely difficult to reproduce the conditions that the cattails thrive in, so unless you live near a lake or you have a way to make a wetland, you probably aren’t going to grow them. What you will find is that generally, there are entire wetland farms that will grow cattails and that are what they are in the business to do. Order them and don’t try to grow them, it just isn’t worth the hassle, and chances are they just aren’t going to be as pretty as if you bought them from a cattail farm.