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Christmas Trees in Canada

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Cultivating Christmas Trees in Canada

Cultivating Christmas Trees in Canada Christmas trees are in abundance in Canada. This is because in Canada has four distinct seasons, giving the trees the perfect climates to grow in. In fact, cultivated Christmas trees in Canada are a common source of living for many Canadian families.

Before we go into the use of Christmas trees in Canada in many homes and in the business of these symbolic trees, let us first get to know how the Christmas trees came about and how they are cultivated in the country. Here’s a crash course on the history of the coming of Christmas trees to Canada. Christmas trees came to Canada by way of the German settlers that migrated from the United States to Canada back in the 1700’s. The Germans brought along many things to do with the holidays, and Christmas trees were among the many Christmas-associated things they brought with them. From then on, Christmas trees in Canadian households were a common sight during the snow-white season.

Cultivating Christmas trees in Canada has now become a common and profitable business, especially in rural areas around Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Among the varieties of Christmas trees being cultivated in Canada are the White Spruce, Norway Spruce and others. One notable Christmas tree farm that grows a number of these varieties of Christmas trees is CC Farms located in Guelph, Ontario.

White Spruce, otherwise known as Picea glauca, is a member of the spruce family that is commonly found in North America, particularly in central Alaska, Montana, Michigan and Maine. This dwarf Alberta Spruce, a cultivated variety of the White Spruce, is a common favorite to gardeners. The bigger, non-cultivars are those used for Christmas trees in the home during the yuletide seasons.

The Norway Spruce, or Picea abies, a member of the large family of spruces much like the White spruce, is a huge evergreen tree commonly found in Europe, areas of Norway and Poland, and in the mountains of central Europe. Like the White spruce, it is a common favorite as household Christmas trees. These locally cultivated and well-cared for Christmas trees are a household fixture in most Canadian homes during the yuletide season, and continue to be a well-established tradition across the country.