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All About the Chrysanthemum

If you are looking for a flower that has a mouthful for a name, you are getting just that with the Chrysanthemum. This is a flower that is generally used in bouquets and people like it also because it is a flower that is easier to grow. The other nice features of this flower are that they are cheap and they really stand out and look great. This flower was found in China and has spread all over the world today. It is the official flower of Japan and it is actually on their royal seal, which is very unique. In terms of the floral meaning, this flower stands for loyalty and friendship; make sure that you hand it out to people that you truly care about.

Description of the Chrysanthemum Flower

This flower is a gorgeous flower, which is part of the reason why it is found on the royal crest of Japan. There are many different species; in fact there are about 30 different options out there so you will find that there are a lot of colors and styles out there in the way that the flower looks. The Chrysanthemum has actually morphed today to a flower that is much flashier than what it used to be in the past, which makes it much more desirable. The flower itself actually blooms quite often and has a lot of different petals which create volume and will take up space. The flower can look like a daisy or it can take on the shape that is more like a pom pom. There are colors like white and yellow but there are colors that are also pink and red.

Uses for the Chrysanthemum Flower

There are several uses for the Chrysanthemum Flower:

  • Ornamental - For decoration, the chrysanthemum is used for bouquets mainly today. You will find that in terms of bouquets, you are going to use them for wedding bouquets and they are popular flowers to give people for their birthdays and anniversaries. There are many different sizes that the flowers come in and they will even be a great choice for a corsage if you want to use them that way. The good news is, they look great, they are cheap, and they make great decoration options for you.
  • Culinary - An interesting feature with the Chrysanthemum is that it is edible. This flower is used to make sweet drinks in Asia and they use the flowers that are white and yellow in color. What you will find is that these teas can actually have medicinal uses and people are given this tea so that they can get over the flu and get hydrated. In some of the countries, they take this flower and they make a wine with it that is similar to drinking sake or other rice wines.
  • Various - One of the other uses that are unique with this flower is that it can be a pesticide. T he nice thing is, that if you are going to use this as a pesticide, it is a natural one, so it won’t harm anything or poison anything. You will find that this flower can repel pests and insects that may destroy it.