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Flowers and Plants in the Workplace

A recent study conducted by top corporate and business analysts has shown that a happy and productive workforce is the key to gaining the edge in both competitive business as well as the overall economy. One easy way to make this happen is for business owners and executives to supply beautiful flowers and plants for their employees to enjoy throughout the workplace. This advice was recently backed up by a study in the United States, sponsored by Texas A & M University, with the help of The Society of American Florists.

The theory the study was meant to prove or disprove, was how the incorporation of nature into the workplace could affect the success of that business. They were looking to create an environment that included both flowers and plants and how that environment would influence the work habits of the employees. During a study that stretched over eight months, researchers created three separate environments and solicited scores of volunteers to participate in a series of creative and problem-solving tasks while working in each of the created environments.

The three environments were created following specific guidelines. One was to include fresh flowers and plants, one was designed with no decorations whatsoever, and the third area’s décor was limited to sculptures and other pieces of small artwork. The researchers hoped to prove whether workers in the natural environment, filled with flowers and plants would test higher in their tested pursuits, than in either of the other two engineered environments.

Men proved themselves to be more creative and provided more insights and original solutions to problem-solving tasks 15% above the average ideas produced in the sterile and art inclusive environments. Even more astounding was the finding that women, exposed to the same environments as the men, scored even higher in the natural environment, coming up with even more creative solutions to everyday business problems surrounded by plants and flowers than in any other environment.

With the full support of The Society of American Florists, who had provided the plants and flowers for the testing, the news of this development for corporate clients was astounding and florists everywhere decided to create programs geared towards helping businesses create their own successful and creative environments. Because all of us at Nature's Wonders Florist cherish our business clientele, we have developed our own program for promoting creativity through nature. We call it our Corporate Services Program.

How Our Corporate Services Program Works

At Nature's Wonders Florist, we have decided to help our business clients set up and develop corporate accounts that will make it easier for all of them to create successful internal environments, as well as being able to order gifts that we will deliver on their behalf for their astounding employees. This gives them the opportunity to say thank you for outstanding service to all of their employees, help them celebrate the arrival of co-workers children into the world, or send wishes for a happy and healthy recovery for an ill friend.

This also gives all of our business clients the opportunity to thank those outside the workplace for their efforts in making them a success, including vendors, clients and customers. From spectacular plants to carefully selected gift baskets, Nature's Wonders Florist makes it easy for your business to honour everyone’s contribution to your continued success.

Our unique line of corporate gifts is guaranteed to show your associates just how much you appreciate their efforts. The selections range from gourmet baskets to arrangements of fresh fruits and specially designed gift baskets. The only limit is your own imagination.

We offer all businesses a 10% discount on orders whenever they set up a new house account with Nature's Wonders Florist. We already serve some of the biggest corporate concerns in Vancouver, including VIA Rail, American Express and Shell Canada as well as hotels, restaurants, law firms and insurance companies. Want to join in the fun? Contact our corporate gift specialists today at 1-800-606-1338 for more information.