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All About the Crocus Flower

If you want to have an airy and a light flower, you want to take a look at the Crocus. The Crocus flower is a fun flower and one that is bright and stands out. This is a flower that is fun to put into bouquets because it is so bright and it is fun to see. Before this flower was used for great bouquets, it was a flower that was used to create the spice saffron; today it is used for a lot more than that. If you are looking for a flower that makes great bouquets, to grow in your yard, or even just to make someone smile, this is a great flower for you. This flower stands for cheerfulness and is pretty apparent with the colors that are out there.

Description of the Crocus Flower

This is a good looking flower that you will find is extremely easy to grow and it looks great. This is another one of the perennials that is out there and so it makes it easy to grow because it will keep coming back each year without any work. The flower is going to grow best in areas that are subalpine or that are on the coast. The nice thing with these climates is that these flowers don’t need to grow in a tropical climate. The crocus has about 80 different species that all have different colors and looks to it. The flower will look like a cup and it will have a single flower that comes off of each stem. The colors of this flower tend to be white, lilac, yellow, or even red.

Uses for the Crocus Flower

With the Crocus flower, it will make a great bouquet. This is a harder flower to find though, so it means that the cost may be a little bit higher than you were hoping for. Make sure that you are looking into those for your flowers and the good thing is that if you are growing them, they will bloom over and over again even if you are cutting it down and trimming it. You always want to be sure that you know what you can do with this flower and what the best choices are for it.

Growing the Crocus Flower

What is important to understand about the Crocus is that this is a flower that grows in a colder climate. In doing this, it means that it will flower in the fall instead of sooner. But, today, you will find today, some of the species will bloom sooner, which is exciting. These plants are going to need a lot of sunlight so that they can bloom and they also need good drainage so that they are not getting flooded. The flowers are pretty hearty and that means that they will last in a lot of different climates, especially the cooler ones, you will even find that sometimes these will bloom when there is actually snow that is on the ground.