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All About the Daffodil Flower

The daffodil is a flower that a lot of people are familiar with, this is a flower that people really like and one that is pretty. This flower also has some meanings that it is always associated with and it looks great. There is actually a story from ancient Greece where a man by the name of Narcissus looked at himself constantly and was basically obsessed with himself. One day, he was viewing himself in a pool of water, and he actually fell in it and drowned. The story is told that form the grave, a flower grew and it was called the Narcissus, today, it is better known as the Daffodil. This flower stands for beauty and it is given to people that you are in love with and adore and they are the only one for you.

Description of the Daffodil Flower

Most people know what a Daffodil is and how it looks. This flower tends to have a longer step and there are quite a few flowers, usually 5 or 6 that end up blooming off of it. The flowers are lots of different colors, but mainly you are going to find that there are yellow ones that stand out. All of the natural Daffodils are going to grow in a yellow-golden color and they are great spring flowers that really stand out. There are over 100 different species that you will find of the Daffodil today, and they are found all over the world.

Uses for the Daffodil Flower

Of course, you will find that the main uses for the Daffodil are in bouquets. The flower is mainly used in spring bouquets when it is really flowering and it is one of the first flowers to bloom which makes it easy to find when you are looking for great fresh flowers. But, there are a lot of other uses for this flower. To the Chinese, it is actually shown as a gift of wealth and of fortune, so they like to gift this flower and they celebrate this when it blooms. This is also something that marks cancer research, which is really interesting, and a lot of the organizations that help with cancer fundraising will use it and will actually give out flowers during certain days when people make a donation to the American Cancer Society and give back.

Growing the Daffodil Flower

If you are looking for a beginner flower to grow, this is the one for you. This is an easy flower to grow, it is hard to kill it, and easy to make it succeed. You’ll see this flower in beds all over the world and in people’s yards standing out and looking beautiful. The flower is always planted in early spring and it will start to bloom right away, you want to give it irrigation and sunlight so that more and more flowers will grow from it and it will continue to bloom throughout the spring, summer, and fall.