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All About Daisies

When you are thinking about flowers and the most common ones, the Daisy is right up there. The Daisy is a flower that stands out and that people love, it is one that has a lot of variations and a lot of great choices with it. It is probably as common as a flower like the rose, but it is cheap, it looks great, and it will be an option that you can get and have so that you can give it out or put it in bouquets. You will find that people are a huge fan of this flower and it is one that you can give out to people that you love and care about. This is a flower that stands for love and commitment and it should be given out to the people that you are close with.

Description of the Daisy Flower

The daisy is part of a common family that is known as the Asteraceae family. There are more than 22,000 species throughout this category and it is a large one. That means that you have a lot of choices in it. The daisy is a vascular plant and it grows very easily, but it will take up a lot of space and it grows very quickly. The daisy is a taproot, which means that the root is fibrous. The stem is always going to stand up and you can get a daisy in a variety of color. Daisies are easy to check out because they come with 5 petals and they look the same, no matter what color they are.

Uses for the Daisy Flower

Since the daisy flower is so cheap, it is common to use in bouquets. People like this and they love having the daisy because it can be dyed. You can turn a white daisy into something that is lime green or neon pink, it is totally up to you. Sometimes, you can get a whole bouquet of daisies that are colorful and fun and they really stand out. These are also a great flower that you can grow and make some great flowerbeds that are set up. Be sure that you are checking these out as an option to grow and taking full advantage of these easy flowers.

Growing Daisies

Just like a lot of the other flowers in the Asteraceae flower these are easy to grow. This is a flower that a child can grow and it stands all sorts of conditions. With the vascular nature of this plant and the tap root, it basically grows so well that it can become a weed. So, even if you are a person with a brown thumb, you can grow this. These flowers will grow in dry areas they will grow in open areas too. They are easily pollinated because bugs love them and spread the pollen throughout, so you will see fields of daisies in some of the places that are out there. This is a great beginner flower to start growing.