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Dandelion Flower

All About the Dandelion Flower

People know the Dandelion, this is a flower that is common and that a lot of people have memories out there. The dandelion has a Latin meaning of Taraxacum, which actually is not a name that you want to associate with. You will find that the name Dandelion is actually derived from a French word which stands for “lion’s. To a lot, you will see that this flower is considered a weed and a pest, but to others it has a great floral meaning. This flower has a meaning of total faithfulness and it can mean a lot to people if you are handing it out.

Description of the Dandelion Flower

People know what the dandelion is and what it looks like, you will find that this is a very easy flower to see and spot in the wild. The dandelion has a long stem that is actually hollow, the flower that is on top of it. The look of the flower is going to depend on the season that is out there, you will find that when the flower is pollinating, it will have white fuzz on the top of it, this is how the dandelion actually spreads its pollen. You will see that this is a biennial that has a tap root; it will come back time after time. The good and bad news is that it is a hard plant to get rid of if you don’t want to have it around. You will find that with the florets and petals that are on it, they will spread the pollen of the dandelion around.

Uses for the Dandelion Flower

You will find that some people love the dandelion because it is a great flower and other people hate it because it is a pain in terms of the weed that it can be. This flower does show that faithfulness that you have to a partner and it is a great flower to hand out. You probably won’t find this flower in a bouquet because it can be a pain, but it is something that you will find in meadows and that you will find when people are making wine.

Growing the Dandelion Flower

You will find that the dandelion is extremely easy to grow; you don’t have to work to do it. For most people, they actually hate the dandelion and they are tired of them. So, for a lot of people this is a weed that they just want to go away and they spend a lot of time trying to get rid of it. You will find that this flower is easily able to colonize in the area that it is growing in. You will find that if you are working in a garden, you need to get rid of them because the weeds will actually destroy the flower and everything else that is out there. You need to be careful; it can be a pain to deal with the dandelion if you are growing with it.