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Dunbar-Point Grey

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All about Dunbar-Point Grey

Dunbar-Point Grey is one of Canada’s richest neighborhoods. The Point Grey area was named after Captain Point Grey, a friend of Captain George Vancouver. Dunbar-Point Grey is home to an amount of public and private golf courses which have hosted several international golf events. Its is also popular for its horse farms, most noticeably The riding club of the southlanmds. The Southlands Riding Club remains a highlight of the area and was once formally a drying net for fishermen hut now transformed into a horse stable. The area is also partially the sect of the Musqueam Indian Band and is home to many students and teachers of the University of British Columbia located to the west. Dunbar-Point Grey is also home of the Headquarters for all Canadian Forces Primary Reserves in British Columbia in the Northeastern section of the neighborhood.

History of Dunbar-Point Grey

According to an ancient Indian legend, the Dunbar-Point Grey area is considered as the “West Wind Battleground”. The god of the west wind rock that lies off the coast of Point Grey separates the land from the water. This so called division of the territories in the native language is called “Homolsom”, a half Squamish and half Fraser River language word.

Historical discoveries by archaeologists show that those who have resided in the Dunbar-Point Grey zone have been for centuries as far back as 400 BC. The area was first populated by the First Nations but was beginning to be populated in 1863 by the first European community in the area. In 1912, the area was sub divided and logged to make way for the UBC to the west. Dunbar-Point Grey was hosted by 3 streetcars and the area had a number of ineresting homes, mansions, horse farms and large properties. However, a bylaw was passed around 1922, regarding the size of houses and properties. Some of these unique homes still stand today and there are 21 registered historical houses in the area.

Today, the Dunbar-Point Grey area is one of Canada’s richest neighborhoods, with houses and properties valued at 2 million dollars and higher. Dunbar-Point Grey is also considered an exclusive ecological and diverse community with a steep hill to the north that ends with the shore of English Bay. The area is also vastly populated with a variety of tall trees that hang over top of roads and sidewalks. These large trees symbolize the longtivity and richness of the area dating back to when the area was first populated. The Dunbar-Point Grey area also has a country vibe to it, which most people describe as a rural area inside a populated city.

Geography of Dunbar-Point Grey

Located on the west side of Greater Vancouver, the Dunbar-Point Grey is a large area that stretches from English Bay to the mouth of the Fraser River. The Dunbar-Point Grey area is bordered by the University of British Columbia to the west and Blenheim Street and Alma Street to the east. The area also divides the University of British Columbia Endowment Lands from the rest of Greater Vancouver.