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All About the Fern

Ferns are a very unique option, they are an interesting plant and they stand out and look great. People will plant them in their houses in pots or they may even have a love fern. You will see that there are all kinds of folklores that are related to the fern. A Slavic take tells you that the fern bloomed once in the year and that when people were looking at it, they were granted happiness and riches. Today, when you are giving someone a fern as part of a gift, they are getting a notion that there is confidence, shelter, wealth, and even happiness. This is a great plant to give someone that you really care about and have some great feelings for.

Description of the Fern

You will find that there are all kinds of different options when it comes to the fern, most of them have different features that will interest you. When you are out there searching for ferns, you want to understand that there are over 12,000 species of this plant that are out there, so you’ll find ferns no matter where you are. You will find that some of them are extremely large and others are very small. Some of them you will find actually look like small trees and can be mistaken for those. The fern plant has been around for over 260 million years and has even been seen in fossils from that long ago!

Uses for Ferns

Some people have a little fern plant that sits on their windowsill and other people have a huge yard that is full of them. There are all kinds of choices for the way that you can use a fern. They can be fillers in a bouquet and they can be used in arrangements, they are a cheap option to use for this. These plants are going to add a lot to your arrangement and they are going to help you get a great filler, or they are going to fill up your yard and make it look green. There are many ways you can use the fern.

Growing Ferns

You will see that a fern has a unique life cycle. They are very different from most of the plants that you are going to find out there. These plants actually don’t have a leaf, which is what makes them very different. You will see that they reproduce differently and they don’t have any flower and seeds to make it that much different for the reproduction process. What you will see is that ferns are going to reproduce through photosynthesis. This starts with a spore that will grow through the process of mitosis; the spore is morphed into a gametophyte. Once this happens, the gametophytes are actually able to fertilize the sperm and to start moving to start the reproduction process. This is a different cycle than you will see with any other plant that is out there.