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Fir Tree

All about the Fir

The Fir tree is a tree with a lot of history to it. You will find that this tree is something that everyone knows about and that people probably have a great history, people probably remember playing on them as a kid, swinging around, climbing on them, and that sort of thing. Sure, this isn’t a flower, but it is a tree that has some great smells to it and can be used for things like arrangements and wreaths. You will see that the fir tree has some floral meanings and it actually stands for time. This is a great gift because you can give your friends and family members a gift that keeps giving with a fir tree.

Description of the Fir Tree

You will see that there are all kinds of choices out there in terms of the species of the fir trees. There are around 55 different species out there of this evergreen conifer. With an evergreen conifer, it means that you are going to get a tree that stays green all of the year round and is going to produce cones for reproduction. You are going to find that the majority of the fir trees are found in cold climates and in the mountain areas. One important thing to note is that the Douglas fir is actually not a fir tree. The fir trees are huge trees, they can actually grow between 30 feet all the way to 260 feet tall if they make it that far. The trunk of a fir can actually grow between two and twelve feet. You will find that the older the tree, obviously the larger that the tree is going to be.

Uses for Fir

The Fir tree is a pretty versatile tree. You will find that most of the people out there that are really using the fir tree are using it to burn. This is a great timber to burn because it smells great and it burns hot and for a very long period of time. These can also be used for building materials and they make great pieces of plywood or logs. Another use for them is to check out the braches and use them for great looking wreathes, you’ll love either choice.

Learn More About the Fir

The biggest factor about the fir tree is that the cones that come off of it are used for a lot of things. The cones are what does the reproduction process of this tree and they will ensure that there are more fir trees that are popping up in the area. The cone, you will see is a very unique identifier in the type of a fir tree that you are looking at. In regards to the shape and the size of the cone, you will be able to tell what you are looking at. Make sure that you are checking out the scale of the cones and know what fir tree this is.