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All About the Flax Flower

When people think about flax, they generally aren’t thinking and seeing it as a flower; they are seeing it more as a seed. However, the flax seed has to come from something. This is in fact a flower and it can be found in Belarus, where it is the national flower and is also well known throughout Ireland. You will find that there are many choices for using flax, and besides knowing that it gives off a great looking flower, it can be something that is good for you to eat. There are also a few medicinal uses for the flax seed and plant in general. If you are thinking about checking this out, you’ll love all of the things that you can do.

Description of the Flax Flower

You will find that the flax plant will grow anywhere from the Mediterranean to India. But, today it has been cultivated and is grown throughout the world. The flax plant was used in ancient Egypt and Ethiopia and has been known to been grown as far back as 30,000 BC; it may have been grown earlier. The flax plant is actually an annual, so you will need to make sure that you are replanting it each year. Make sure that you are checking it out, it grows about three to four feet tall and it has some leaves that are longer. You will see that the flax plant has a good looking flower that is blue and sometimes it will even be a red shade too. There is even a fruit that will come off of this plant.

Uses for the Flax Flower

There are several uses for the Flax Flower:

  • Medicinal - The flax plant is actually used in the seed to get what you need for medicinal uses. You will find that the seed is going to be two different options, one will be a gold choice and one will be a brown seed. There are many reasons why you want to use the flax seed. The flax seed is actually a really good laxative because it has a lot of fiber in it. Using the flax seed on a daily basis may help prevent and avoid certain forms of cancer, which is a huge benefit. But, for just nutrients alone, you need to check it out because it has a lot of fiber and is heavy in Omega 3 fatty acids, so if you don’t like fish, you can get it from the flax seed instead. Buy this in bulk so that it lasts a long time.  
  • Other Reasons - If you aren’t looking to use flax seed for medicinal uses or nutritional ones, you may be using it for other reasons. You can actually make fabrics with the flax fibers and it can be used for things like sheeting and lace. In the past, you will see that banknotes were printed with them and it was even used as a way to create a paper for rolling cigarettes with.