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Preserving Flowers

Receiving a gift of flowers can be an exciting experience, one that you will want to remember always. We have already shared with you the steps to take to help your bouquet or arrangement last for a few days but are you aware that there is also a way to preserve those flowers? More about Preserving Flowers

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Flower Colour Meanings

Every type of flower and it's colour symbolizes something important and leaves a long lasting impression on those who recieve the flowers. Flowers can say it all but if want to leave an impression, you need to know the definitons of the different types of flowers and their colours. Learn more about Flower Colour Meanings...

Book with Flower

Flower Identification Guide

Some people say that flowers can say it all, and the truth is that they really can, but in order to make your floral bouquet speak you first need to know what the meanings of the flowers you are thinking of including are. There are many ways to express different degrees of love and understanding. See our Flower Identification Guide...

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Flowers Suitable for Different Occasions

At Vancouver Florist, we pride ourselves on being able to help our customers choose the right floral gift for any occasion. We have experienced floral customer service personnel available 24/7, whose only purpose is to help you choose the right flowers and other gifts to send to your loved ones and friends. Learn more about Flowers Suitable for Different Occasions...