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Flower Colour Meanings

Pink Camellia

Camellia (Pink)

The industry term for the Camellia Rosa or the pink Camellia seems to be the ultimate choice flower for a pair of long distance lovers. It meaning is pure a heartfelt sense of longing between two devoted individuals.

Red Camellia

Camellia (Red)

When you find yourself in a truly loving relationship, adding the red Camellia to a floral design helps to enhance that emotion toward the recipient. It is a passionate, and full on love that will remain true and constant. Choose the Red Camellia to reinforce those sentiments.

White Camellia

Camellia (White)

The White Camellia bloom is an honest and fresh flower. It speaks of elegance and has a classic quality that is very endearing. The white Camellia is speaks in a lightehearted tone of adoration and enhances any mixed arrangement with its white delicate bloom.

Pink Carnation

Carnation (Pink)

Of all the colours of carnations, pink have the most historical significance and long history as a gifting flower. Legends say that pink carnations first appeared as the Virgin Mary’s tears dripped off her when she cried watching Jesus’ suffering. The pink Carnation truly embodies the sentiment that discusses "I'll never forget you" and is therefore and excellent choice at Mother's Day.

Red Carnation

Carnation (Red)

Nothing shows your love or your affection like a red carnation incorporated into a vibrant bouquet of fresh cut flowers. It professes a true honesty for the receiver, one that discusses a heart yearning for real affection and admiration. It’s the most excellent gift not only for Mother's day but also for those who find themselves enchanted with a lady with a feminine heart.

Purple Carnation

Carnation (Purple)

The purple carnation is wild child in the Carnation family. The purple carnation is a flower represents a unpredictability or spontaneous quality. It is exciting, vibrant and perfect for someone with an eternally young heart.

White Carnation

Carnation (White)

The white carnation is a stem that is a great lucky charm. Its long lasting white elegance will be a great testament to your feelings for this person during this certain time in their life. Light carnations are often used to represent hope and a hunger for new growth and renewal. Send one today and your gift is sure to be a long lasting representation of your feelings.

Yellow Carnation

Carnation (Yellow)

The Yellow carnation is said to mean many contrasting things, depending on the person receiving the bouquet. It can be a great long lasting gift to send to a hospital or a friendly gift, but it can also be a reminder of illness and therefore it is best used with caution. Accompanying the yellow carnation with bright iris or other blue and purple colors is a great way to enhance this friendly stem and create a really beautiful yellow arrangement.

Solid Coloured Carnation

Carnation (Solid Coloured)

Short and sweet, a solid carnation is always a great selection. They have a positive connotation and are a perfect choice when sending to loved ones whether family or romantic.

Striped Coloured Carnation

Carnation (Striped Coloured)

Striped carnations are a symbol of determination. Whether positive or negative this type of carnation can be placed into mixed arrangements very nicely as its two toned quality offsets other colours in an arrangement in a very beautiful way.

White Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum (White)

The white Chrysanthemum has a single meaning, and is a reliable choice when trying to say something with real Truth.

Yellow Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum (Yellow)

The yellow Chrysanthemum, stunning as it is, has the daunting task of relaying a message that tests a love that is often taken for granted or one that is not at all. In its most precise terms, it reveals love that is not reciprocated.

Lavender Heather

Heather (Lavender)

With its dainty lavender petals, the heather stems will make the most fabulous additions to any bouquets as a message of love and admiration. These blooms have also been known to be a symbol of independence and solitude.

White Heather

Heather (White)

Consider perhaps, the white heather stems as a very important token that not only promise protection but also claims to grant wishes. Wish your gift a success with white heather.

Blue Hyacinth

Hyacinth (Blue)

Have someone deliver an arrangement including blue hyacinth, and it will symbolize a promise of consistency. While this could be interpreted in various ways, the true message is one of steadfastness which may evoke a life of true contentment, happiness and bliss.

Purple Hyacinth

Hyacinth (Purple)

Nowadays it is easy to say that no one is perfect, that we all make mistakes. It is however, never too late or too early to say we are sorry. The purple hyacinth bloom begs for forgiveness and condolences to a loved one when a moment of great sorrow has occurred in their life.

Pink Hyacinth

Hyacinth (Red or Pink)

Wish to create a bit of excitement in your life and the life of others? The red or pink hyacinth flowers have only one meaning associated with them: “Let's play." In brief, no single person has ever aged so much that they cannot be young again.

White Hyacinth

Hyacinth (White)

The white hyacinth is serene. By itself it exudes a tremendous loveliness comparable to that of the receiver. It also has spiritual connotations for some can mean "I'll pray for you".

Yellow Hyacinth

Hyacinth (Yellow)

They say jealousy makes you nasty. If that's true, then the yellow hyacinth acts a harbinger of that nastiness with its message of jealousy (but also makes an extremely bright addition to any floral bouquet).

White Lily

Lily (White)

The Latin name for the lily, Lilium, is derived from the Greek 'leirion' which is thought to be the Madonna lily. It discusses virginity and purity and an esteemed measure of loftiness. For those true romantics who live to love, these pure white flowers can convey messages like; "It's heavenly to be with you."

Yellow Lily

Lily (Yellow)

The stunning yellow lily is yellow like the summer sun. It is a flower used to lift the hope of those receiving it and is a perfect choice when trying to brighten the home or the life of an individual who really needs a good pick me up.

Day Lily

Lily (Day)

The day lily is called this because they open and close according to the time of day. Because of this their Latin botanical name is, Hemerocallis. It also comes from the Greek 'hemera' meaning 'day' and 'kalos' meaning 'beautiful'. These magical flowers with large silky blooms are a Chinese symbol meaning 'Mother'. In terms of specific floral meaning, let’s just state that is very flirtatious.

Eucharis Lily

Lily (Eucharis)

Also known as the Amazon lily, the Eucharis lily has a soft white flower head that seems to exude ass certain innocence. It is therefore a flower perfect on its own or as part of a bouquet that bears the meaning of "Maiden Charms".

Tiger Lily

Lily (Tiger)

Tiger lily is a common name for three different varieties of lilies- the Wood lily, the Michigan lily and lilium columbianum all native to North America. This bold flower contains within its roots, meanings that discuss themes of pride, making it the perfect gift for those with the mighty feline heart.

Red Poppy

Poppy (Red)

Other than ideas of death as per traditional insights, the red poppy may in all actuality represent a little more light-hearted quality: pleasure. With this indication of pleasure in whichever form you decide appropriate, these beautiful flowers will make the perfect choice to send to a lovely lady who has had every other kind.

White Poppy

Poppy (White)

The colour white is generally associated with purity or virginity. However, when presented in a mixture containing white poppies, know that it signifies consolation.

Yellow Poppy

Poppy (Yellow)

Perhaps one of the most perfect gifts for those distressed and forlorn, the yellow poppy constitutes the meaning of both wealth and success. Sending a bouquet composed exclusively of bright and cheerful flowers will enhance the lovely qualities this flower possesses - it is certain to be a very lovely gift.

Bridal Rose

Rose (Bridal)

Including its obvious meaning of love, the Bridal rose can symbolize a blissful love which, according to some, translates as the debut of a love and start of life shared in harmony with each other.

Dark Crimson Rose

Rose (Dark Crimson)

As beautiful as they can be, dark crimson roses are generally associated with mourning. However, this stem can also be paired with more vibrant colours like jades and purples to create a design with a deeply saturated pallet that will warm any home or office setting.

Hibiscus Rose

Rose (Hibiscus)

The Hibiscus rose is the ultimate gift to be exchanged between new lovers. Its floral meanings point toward delicacy and fragility, combined with pink, red and white roses, the hibiscus rose will certainly become a perfect combination of a statement of commitment for a long lasting love.

Leaf Rose

Rose (Leaf)

Ah, not a complete rose but anyhow, it is still a part of the rose family. As such, the rose leaf adopts a message that says "You may hope" which is certain to stuff love into the heart of many young men and women with a burst of joy and excitement.

Pink Rose

Rose (Pink)

One of the few roses with a double definition, the pink rose is all at once a perfect symbol for happiness and as well a tone of understanding and forgivness that is often required in a relationship.

Red Rose

Rose (Red)

The original red rose; the subject of songs and of many artists. Its meaning is simplistic yet impactful. It is the symbol of love, currently and historically and its relentless ability to say those 3 magic words; "I Love You".

Tea Rose

Rose (Tea)

The tea rose will be the perfect addition to you gift for those who value sentiment and emotions above all else. It is a sign of remembrance and bestows the message that states “I’ll never forget".

Thornless Rose

Rose (Thornless)

The thornless rose refers love at first sight - something very rare and amazingly gorgeous. It is thought that it implies a sense of newness and urges; “Make the most of life”or “Don't let this chance slip by you”. Whether on its own or in a design, this flower is certain to send the message loud and clear.

White Rose

Rose (White)

Beside the red rose, the white rose symbolizes innocence and purity. It declares to the recipient "I am worthy of you". Shared between lovers this stem will usher in a message like "You are heavenly and divine!”

Red and White Mixed Rose

Rose (Red & White Mixed)

The white and red rose, are a timeless combination of the two most well known colors in the industry, is both the floral emblem of England and a symbol of unity.

White Dried Rose

Rose (White-Dried)

The white-dried rose is an interesting statement that refers tovirtue. Its meaning is simple and states that "death would be better than a loss of virtue".

Yellow Rose

Rose (Yellow)

Receive a yellow and know that the sender is trying to show you they care in a gentle non abrasive way. It is generally thought of as a gesture of friendship and not sent to a lover.

Red Rosebud

Rosebud (Red)

The red rosebud creates the blossom of new love and will declare the recipient dainty and fair in the eyes of the sender.

White Rosebud

Rosebud (White)

The white rosebud is a flower that can be shared between ladies and in a family of women as it is very symbolic of girlhood.

Moss Rosebud

Rosebud (Moss)

The moss rosebud, when received, is a thoughtful gift full of joy and excitement as its floral message is a real confession of love.


Red Tulip

Tulip (Red)

When presented with the red tulip, you may know that it is quite simply, a declaration of love.

Variegated Tulip

Tulip (Variegated)

The variegated tulip is a dainty and amazing flower to include in a gift, although they do not last as long as others, while they are present and perky, they are among the most beautiful and really show a thoughtfulness having chosen them and incorporated them in to a floral design.

Yellow Tulip

Tulip (Yellow)

The yellow tulip is sure to lift the spirits if those that surround. If it could speak it would say "your smile is sunshine to me".

Blue Violet

Violet (Blue)

You might not always be able to smell them, but at least they look amazingly attractive. The blue violet declares a promise to be watchfulness.

White Violet

Violet (White)

Receiving a white violet and knowing that someone is willing to take a chance, makes it the perfect addition for the bold at heart.

Magenta Zinnia

Zinnia (Magenta)

The magenta zinnia is the perfect choice on its own or in an arrangement of other vibrant colored stems. Its floral meaning embodies promises of everlasting affection.

Mixed Coloured Zinnia

Zinnia (Mixed Coloured)

The zinnia is a flower ideally sent over long distances. Its floral representation is chosen to relay the message that the is thinking of his or her absent friend.

Scarlet Zinnia

Zinnia (Scarlet)

For those who represent the everlasting qualities that a true friend or partner can be to an individual, the scarlet zinnia will make the perfect gift as it represents constancy.

White Zinnia

Zinnia (White)

As white is traditionally associated with virginity, purity and truth, it will come as no wonder when presented with the white zinnia flower that they embody the floral meaning of goodness.

Yellow Zinnia

Zinnia (Yellow)

Consider the yellow zinnia a symbol of daily remembrance in all capacities. As a gift, this will let them know they will live on in the heart and memory.