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Flower & Plant Care


Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flower Care

Receiving flowers as a gift from a friend or relative, especially for a memorable occasion like a birthday or anniversary, can be an exciting experience. You would like to keep them looking fresh and beautiful for as long as possible so that you can remember the special gift for a long time to come. But how do you keep them fresh the day after or even longer without them losing their fragrance or vibrant color? Learn more about Fresh Flower Care...


House Plants

House Plant Care

Houseplants have always made wonderful gifts. Whether for birthday or anniversary, as a house warming gift or as a way to say thank you to a loved one or friend, houseplants add a touch of beauty and elegance to any home. Some of them are quite delicate and will last just a few months, while others are much hardier and will last for years with very little care. Learn more about House Plant Care...


Orchid Plants

Orchid Plant Care

There is nothing more beautiful and awe inspiring than an orchid in full bloom. However, getting them to that state requires hours of tender loving care and may not be for everyone. This rare blossom is one of our most popular requests every winter on into the first heat of summer. In order to help you keep this tiny beauty thriving, we will pass along to you the tips we have learned over the years, from experts, and through trial and error. Learn more about Orchid Care...