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Fun Facts About Roses

Roses have been one of the most prized of all types of flowers through the ages. Often given as a gift to loved ones, especially girlfriends and wives, it is also the most popular choice for centerpieces and bouquets designed for weddings. There is no more fitting and eternal symbol of love than the Rose. To celebrate their popularity, we have put together a few bits of interesting facts about this lovely flower. It is our hope that by reading the following, you will be inspired to give one to someone special today.

The Rose is the favorite flower of choice for more than 80% of flower buyers in the world today. In 1986 the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, decided that it should also be the national flower and commissioned intricate gardens be built on the White House grounds showcasing the many types and colors available. Another reason for its popularity is most likely because of its longevity, one that will last long with very little care, for days after it is received.

Roses are not just some beautiful flower; each one contains some very beneficial gives from nature. Just below the blooms, around the area where the flower protrudes from the stem, are some curved leaves, commonly known as rosehips. These tiny leaves contain more vitamin C than any fruit or vegetable grown for that purpose today. By brewing them in a strong tea, one cup will grant you an amount equal to five glasses of orange juice. The petals of cells are also edible, and some varieties have flavours that mimic delicious fruits, like strawberries, cherries, plums and peaches.

Millions of roses are sold every year, throughout the world, especially on days like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. The best thing about these flowers is that they are so plentiful, available all over the world, that it is quite easy to find some for sale on literally every street corner. It is not only a symbol of love, but also prosperity. They have a fragrance that just breeds contentment and peace and you cannot help but smile whenever you smell one.