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All About Heather

Heather plants are so popular that there are numerous folks who get to use the plant in their daily lives. It is a fantastic option for many different landscapes and because of this there are many people who love to get these in their gardens. In addition there are numerous who love to place heather in their yard. It is a flower that a large variety of people like to use in the gardens. It is essential to know what conditions are best when growing this plant; what kind of soil and water conditions they need. Understanding these facts only makes it easier to get the plant to grow. Here are a few of the details you’ll want to know to get it heather to grow.

Description of the Heather Flower

Ericaceae is the family that houses the heather plan that is so popular in many landscaping designs by both professionals and average home owners. Blueberry and cranberry plants are also in this family. There are many unique attributes to this plant that keeps its classification specific and different from others. It has lush greenery that looks quite a bit like spruce trees because it is made up of needles. It also has small white flowers that make it very eye-catching. If you’re looking for great filler when landscaping this is excellent. The reason for this is because it’s more of a shrub than a flowering plant and looks great in many different settings.

Uses for the Heather Flower

Many arrangements and bouquets don’t have heather plant in it because they don’t usually look great. There are a few florists that use it as a bit of filler. It’s not a great plant to use a as a focal point. Heather plant is a fantastic builder for hedges and shrubs and is quite commonly found in people’s backyards. The heather plant is popularly used for building natural boundaries around their yards. It is very easy to find and just as easily to grow. It’s not an expensive to purchase and because it is easy to grow more and more of the new hobbyists are choosing it as a border hedge or as filler for their landscaping. If you’re looking for a great addition to your yard and garden heather is the perfect plant for you.

Growing Heather

One of the best things about the heather plant is that it can grow amazingly well in many different soils. You will want to make sure that yours doesn’t have a high amount of lime in it. If you’re worried about the lime in your soil then you can take it to a garden store and get it tested. Often when you purchase soils you’ll find that it is full of lime whereas the soil you find in your yard doesn’t usually. This plant does quite a bit better in acidic soil and this is the most common soil to find. It is one of the simplest plants to grow.