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All About the Heleconia Flower

The Greek root helikonios is where the word and name for helconia derives. This by far, isn’t the only name known to this plant. Some of the nicknames that are popular are imposter bird of paradise, wild plantains and lobster claws. It is a widely popular plant even with a host of other names that it goes by. Its popularity is in part due to the fact that it is beautiful and that it looks like many plants that are much more difficult to grow.

Description of the Heleconia Flower

The heleconia is a term that encompasses more than 100 species underneath the title. It is indigenous to tropical climates in the Americas mainly near the Pacific Ocean. So if you’re someone that lives in these climates this is an ideal plant for you to consider. There are many people who love it because it looks like the bird of paradise. It gets the nickname lobster claws because there are quite a few people who think it looks like lobster claws. This plant usually has green leaves and produces magnificent flowers that come in shades of red, orange and yellow. Because it looks like the bird of paradise but is easier to grow there are many who love to grow it within their garden.

Uses for the Heleconia Flower

This is a flower that is very popular among many different people. It is a flower that can be difficult to find but when you do it is the perfect addition to many different bouquets and arrangements. A fantastic and unique flower like this will truly make any arrangement stand out. There are some professionals who love to use this flower in different landscaping arrangements.

The trick about this is that it must be used in landscapes where the climate is tropical. When in the appropriate climate these are flowers that will grow quite nicely and add a lot of special touches to the garden. For the average hobbyist it is essential to get some information about growing the plants or to ask an expert for advice. Taking a few precautionary steps in the beginning will go a long way to setting you up for success instead of making it more difficult. The more you know about potential pitfalls the better chance you’ll have at getting the right start.

Growing the Heleconia Flower

With all the changes in the greenhouse industry there are many who love to grow this flower. It is often used in landscaping and many a florist loves to grow the plant. There are times that they require more attention that the average plant and therefore a person may need a little extra advice. This can often be found in the form of asking a florist. It is a tropical plant and it therefore needs these conditions to grown. In addition, it is a plant that needs care in the form of pesticides, abundant water and excellent soil conditions. It is also advised to get familiar with the diseases it could fall prey to.