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History of Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: The Rose Connection

Every February 14th, millions of dollars are spent on roses by people expressing their love on this day that is dedicated to… well… love. Everyone knows that roses are a romantic and great way to say I love you, and also that this is THE day to send or give roses. But, as you make your mad dash to the florist for a dozen red roses or to our site to send them to your love with just a click, do you even have any idea why it is that on this day we all feel compelled to give roses—other than because of media telling you to?

There are a few different versions of how Valentine’s Day came to be devoted to love and romance. The one that most have heard, which is also the one that seems to make the most sense and is by far the most romantic, is that the day is named after Saint Valentine, a priest jailed by Emperor Claudius II after being caught secretly marrying young couples in love following the emperor’s ban of engagement and marriages in Rome because he felt it was the reason that men didn’t want to join his army. It was on February 14th that Saint Valentine was executed in the name of love. It is bittersweet story that makes us feel that Valentine’s Day is all the more meaningful.

The story behind the connection between Valentine’s Day and roses isn’t quite so tragic. There are a couple of theories as to how roses became symbols of love, and one of the earliest ones comes from ancient Egypt, when Cleopatra would scatter rose petals all over the floor to receive her love Mark Anthony. There’s also the Roman myth that tells of Cupid carrying a vase of sweet nectar to the Gods on Mount Olympus, only to have it spill. It is said that roses grew forth from the ground where the nectar had spilled. Whatever story resonates with you, the fact of the matter is that roses are a beautiful and elegant way to express your love or adoration to a special person in your life; one that will be appreciated and well received not only on Valentine’s Day, but any day!

Celebrating your love by sending flowers is easier than it’s ever been. While we all wish that we could hand deliver a Valentine along with a bouquet of roses, the reality of today’s world is that we are busier than ever and a hand delivered gift isn’t always possible. But who says that having them delivered can’t be romantic? Sure, the likes of Saint Valentine and Cleopatra really set the stage and give us some hard acts to follow as far as romance goes, but there is no denying that your lover will be pleasantly surprised and absolutely tickled pink by a dozen or more roses showing up at their office or home! Maybe buying a gift through the click of your mouse doesn’t sound all that romantic, but that’s not what they will be thinking when they get your beautiful token of love - within one business day or sooner if in the recipient’s time zone!