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All About Holly

Holly is a flower name that immediately brings up the idea of wintertime and Christmas. It is associated with winter because it is often used for many different decorations. It is a plant that is very commonly used to decorate during the Christmas season and for many people this is how they have come to know the plant. Believe it or not, sometimes the wood of the holly plant is used during the process of making chess pieces. This is interesting because holly actually is a symbol of defense. It is because of this symbol behind this plant that it is an ideal gift around the Christmas holidays.

Description of the Holly Plant

This flowering plant is a member of a genus which includes more than six hundred species that are different plants that flower. It is a plant that is commonly referred to as beautiful. It is made up of green leaves and fantastic berries that are white. This combination is what makes it stand out. A person handling holly should be warned that it has some thorns and could prick your finger. There are some plants of holly that have red berries. The colors of the berries are all dependent upon where the plant was grown. One critical fact about this plant is that the berries are actually a bit on the toxic side of things. Many people do actually exaggerate the level of toxicity of the plant. Many wild animals and birds enjoy eating these berries and don’t get sick from them. These are an especially critical part of the diet of many different species of birds, especially to get them through the cold winter months.

Uses for Holly

This is a plant that is mainly a plant that people use for esthetic reasons. It is a great decoration in the middle of winter because it is easy to still get green in the center of snowfall, letting us know that spring will bring warmth and many other flowers. People enjoy using it in wreaths, for centerpieces and to hang over walkways. Still others enjoy planting a tree in their yard and watching many birds have something to snack on during the winter season. Though it is a slow growing plant it is hardy and not difficult to get to take root. In addition to that, it’s not a hard plant to find nor is it costly. If you’re looking to get a little greenery in the middle of winter this is your plant.

Growing Holly

This is a plant that is often found in the wild and is quite hardy. There are some different nurseries and personal growers who do love to cultivate the plant for different uses. Holly is a plant that is in reality more of a tree than an actual plant and because of this it can take a little while to get it to grow well. In addition to this, it is a plant that will take some time to develop the flowers and subsequent berries.