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All About the Hyacinth Flower

If you’re looking for a flower that is rich in beauty you need look no further than the hyacinth. It is full of uses and meaning when you consider a flower and because of this it is very popular across a wide range of cultures all across the world. There is a legend that involves Apollo and the hyacinth. It is said that Apollo loved the hero Hyacinth so much that he tried to prove his strength by tossing a discus as far as he could. When the hero caught it, it killed him and it was his blood that created the hyacinth flower. This flower is often connected with sports, games and rashness. When giving it as a gift you would do well to consider its meaning and who you give it to.

Description of the Hyacinth

There are some plants that come from bulbs and the hyacinth is one of these. It was actually in the lily family but recently was moved a family of its own recently. They were originally from the Dutch and Mediterranean area in addition to most of Iran. They are such a popular Dutch flower that many hobbyists worked to cultivate these and create many varieties and different colors. The flowers of these plants tend to cluster around the stem. They also will have many different blooms that are solid in color. Some of these colors are purple, white, orange, and pink. It is a beautiful flower that many people love to grow and put in large arrangements.

Uses for Hyacinth

The hyacinth is a very popular flower for many people to grow in the garden. Its height and flowers make it fantastic for many different gardens. It will spice up any persons landscape design. It is an edible flower that many enjoy and makes a perfect garnish to a fancy dinner plate. They look fantastic in a garden because the flowers are so large and colorful.
When actually planting the flower a person should wear gloves because of the oxalic acid, which can irritate a person’s skin quite quickly. They are often used in many arrangements and bouquets and they happen to last a long time. Besides the fact that they last a long time many people like them because they are so gorgeous and unique when sitting among other flowers. If you’re looking for something unique to put in your next vase a hyacinth is the perfect addition.

Growing Hyacinth

Because this is a flower that many people in the Netherlands have been growing for a long time it has become a flower that is quite capable of being grown in many different areas. It is a great flower that works well when getting the right amount of water, sun, and soil drainage. If you combine these with the right soil conditions, you will easily be able to have a fantastic flower. In addition to the fact they are easy to grow, years of cultivation have made it a gorgeous flower that is widely popular.