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All About the Iris

When you think of an Iris, maybe an elderly aunt pops to mind. However, the Iris is in fact a wonderfully beautiful flower that comes from a genus of around 260-300 different species. It is grown in a huge variety of colors, which may explain the Greek origin of its name that means “rainbow”. It’s a great flower to give to someone as a gift as its delicate beauty can touch the hardest of hearts. It’s a flower that truly shows a depth of friendship.

Description of the Iris Flower

Species of the Iris can be found across Europe, Northern Africa, Asia and North America – generally all of the northern temperate zone areas. This means that it isn’t one of the more difficult plants to care for and as such it is popular in many people’s personal gardens and as a professional choice in landscaping as well. The iris is one of the state flowers of Tennessee, as well as being the provincial flower of Quebec, and has been stylized in various ways throughout history in the reigns of monarchs and other political influences such as the French Louis VII and the Medici family of Venice.

Uses for Iris

This is such a beautiful flower that there are many people who simply must have it in their gardens. It is so easy to grow that it is very popular. The flower can be used for landscaping and decorative gardening purposes, as well as looking great in inside pots or in window boxes filled with flowers. It is also easily harvested and can be made into a simple but effective bouquet with great ease. Because of the varied amount of colors it comes in, the Iris is an ideal choice for many florists. It lends itself to a wide range of different types of arrangements and bouquets. Different species of iris are used for medical purposes, including purifying water – some are known to have anti-cancer properties and are effective against things like Lymph sarcoma along with other forms of cancer.

Growing Iris

Due to its small size and the vibrant variety of colors in which it grows, the iris is an ideal flower for the perennial beds of your garden. The iris generally grows between 3 and 10 petals, and the shape of the flower has inspired many coats of arms due to its resemblance to the fleur-de-lis! The iris is a relatively easy flower to grow, springing up in the oddest of places. It needs to have plenty of sunlight, water and an excellent bed of well-draining soil. Make sure that the soil acidity is correct before planting, as care needs to be taken in this area. The better the conditions in which you plant and nurture the flower, the longer it will bloom for. This means it’s not a bad idea to feed or fertilize your garden as well. If you’re looking for the perfect flower to add to your landscaping that doesn’t require intensive care the Iris is just for you.