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Jonquil Flower

All About the Jonquil Flower

Jonquil is the birth flower for those born in March. The bright yellow or white is beautiful in its own right but especially since they signal the arrival of spring. Also known as daffodils and a little less so, as narcissus, these flowers can be used to brighten up a home by placing them into a vase or even as a potted window plant. The meaning of this flower is twofold. One meaning is that of desire and another is domestic bliss as well as friendship. There are several additional meanings for the flower. It all depends on which country’s interpretation you like best. With the name narcissus, the implication is pretty clear. Narcissism seems to have its roots in the beauty of this flower. When you want to make someone happy, a big bouquet of jonquils will surely do that.

Description of the Jonquil Flower

Every jonquil has about five or six flowers growing out of its bulb root. Jonquils are spring flowers and are among the first to bloom after winter. They have beautiful green leaves that are long and slender. Each single jonquil has a trumpet. Trumpet is the term for the central bowl-like formation in the center of the flower. Inside the trumpet you will find little black, hard seeds. The flower consists of six petals. Jonquils come in several colors and each one is gorgeous. You may want to choose your color scheme and buy the colors that will complement the rest of your flowers best. Jonquils are popular all over Europe, Asia and in some parts of Africa as well, where they grow wild. However, the cultivated jonquil we know has been developed in the United States.

Uses for the Jonquil Flower

The jonquil is a flower that is easily and prettily assembled into nice flower arrangements to be placed in different rooms to brighten them up. Their happy scent will invade your home and infect you. Or, they can be fashioned into a bouquet for a gift, with a pretty ribbon tied around the stems. They can often be seen growing around the bottom of large trees. Jonquils decorate yards, flower beds and flower gardens in a beautiful manner. They also add a lovely touch along sidewalks, driveways and walkways to your front door. They can frame planted flowers that will bloom when the jonquils die, so you will have different flowers blooming throughout the entire growing season. These are wonderful flowers for the landscaper. Their light and airy appearance will give your entire property a look of happiness and welcome.

Growing the Jonquil Flower

Jonquils grow from bulbs. They need to be planted either in spring or in the fall before. After that, they grow without any help or care. The only very important point you have to take into consideration is to decide where to plant the bulbs for the best possible growth. You have to learn about how much sun exposure jonquils need, how much water is required and what temperatures the jonquil can endure. This may mean the difference between planting them in the front of the house versus the back.