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Magnolia Flower

All About the Magnolia Flower

Magnolias are gorgeous and have been in existence for hundreds of years. There are many different species of magnolias and all of them are beautiful. If you live in a temperate climate, you can grow your own magnolias. You may want to learn about where to plant it, in the sun or in the shade, or how much you should water it. Once you have your own magnolias in your yard, you can pluck some and place them in a small vase to make your entire room smell like magnolias. The magnolia has a reputation of being a flower for nobles. By giving magnolias to a friend, you are sure to make her feel special.

Description of the Magnolia Flower

The most interesting fact about magnolias is that it has been through many changes of the world. Magnolias that were fossilized had been found along with fossils of insects that were alive millions of years ago. It has had to adapt to climate changes during those millions of years that speaks of true survival. Most flowers of today cannot make the same claim of strength and the ability to mutate to accommodate survival. Although magnolias are seen more commonly in all of Asia, North America, the West Indies as well as Central America also offers ideal growing places for magnolias. Every place the magnolias grow there are different stories about them in local folklore. The different species of magnolias vary in color and appearance. Magnolias in Asia look different from the magnolias in North America and again from those growing in the West Indies. Something that can be found in the magnolia but not in other flowers is the arrangement of the petals. Some magnolia petals are very large and not separated into many distinct, single petals. These large petals can be mistakenly seen as one single, huge petal.

Uses for Magnolia

The magnolias can be used for many different purposes. Their exotic appearance makes them a wonderful flower for table arrangements as well as bouquets. Their scent flows throughout the entire house, making every room smell fresh and flowery. Not only can magnolias be used inside the house, they also make your house look good if you plant them in places around your house. Front yards and backyards can be decorated with different colors of magnolias to give your house a special beauty. If you are going for the disciplined look, you can have a plan of where to plant magnolias, what flowers to plant around them and how to place them to give your yard a nice eye-flow.

Growing Magnolia

Even though the magnolia has survived ever-changing climates over millennia and has very few requirements to grow and thrive, there are some things it does need. It is still a flower and as such, it needs to grow in certain amounts of sunlight. If you are interested in growing magnolias, be sure to inform yourself about such necessities as sunlight and water needs. How well the soil drains and whether or not anything else should be observed is important for growing magnolias successfully.