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All About the Monkshood Flower

Monkshood is a beautiful flower that isn’t nearly as popular as other flowers that people know well and expect to see in bouquets and arrangements. In fact, for most people, they’ve probably never even heard about it. There are other names for the Monkshood flower like Devil’s Helmet, Wolf’s Bane, Blue Rocket, and others. Historically, this flower was used by Medea to actually poison Thesus and this is a legend throughout ancient history. The meaning of this flower is that it will actually be a sign that danger may be nearby and a foe may be lurking there waiting for you.

Description of the Monkshood Flower

You will find that Monkshood is actually part of the Buttercup family, because of this; the flower is a perennial so it will grow on its own each year and it does not need to be replanted. The flower actually grows best in the northern areas of the world and with those climates. The Monkshood comes in all varieties of colors, from pink to yellow to white and blue, you will find a great flower that stands out with beautiful colors. The flower itself has five sepals and can have anywhere from two petals to ten petals. The flower is also poisonous so you need to be careful with it.

Uses for the Monkshood Flower

The Monkshood is a versatile flower and is used for a lot of things. For a lot of people, this is a flower that they plant in flowerbeds so that it can fill up their yard and make it look great. But, it is important to understand that it can be a poisonous plant, so make sure that your pets aren’t going to get into it. The Monkshood can also be used for arrangements and bouquets, with all the great colors that it comes in; they really jump when you put them into an arrangement and they stand out and add a lot of color. Be sure that you are looking into all the uses for the Monkshood and if you live in a colder climate, know that you are getting a flower that you can easily grow and one that will really spice up your yard. The Monkshood is definitely an underrated flower and should be used more.

Growing the Monkshood Flower

The good news about growing the Monkshood is that it grows easily, it likes a colder climate and for most people that don’t live in a warm area, it makes it easy to grow this flower. The flower definitely needs to have good soil conditions and good drainage, set up a run-off area so that it doesn’t get overwatered. Too much water will kill off the plant and you don’t want to do that. Knowing the ideal conditions for the Monkshood will make it easy for you to grow it and to have it look beautiful without a lot of work on your part.