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All About the Myrtle Plant

An interesting plant to learn about is the Myrtle plant, this is one that we commonly know and can recognize when we see it. The unique fact about this plant is that there are a lot of mythological stories about it and it is something that was used a lot in ancient Roman history. The Myrtle plant is a plant that is said to be sacred to the Aphrodite and to Demeter, this plant was also sacred to Venus, so there is a lot of history to it. When you think about these people in ancient Roman history, you should have no surprise that this is a symbol of love. In the Hebrew language, this is actually a symbol of marriage. Learn a little more about this plant and what it can do and what it can be used for.

Description of the Myrtle Plant

You will find that the Myrtle plant is from a fairly small family, there are really only one or two species that you are going to find in it. You are going to find that this flower is native to North America and to Europe, and that makes a lot of sense with all of the historical uses and history of the plant. You will find that with the Myrtle plant, you get something that is going to create a flower; this is a shrub that is an evergreen, so it always looks great. The plant itself actually can make it up to about 15 feet tall and the leaves give off a great oil that smells great. This oil is an essential oil that is used that way. The flower on the plant is actually shaped like a star with the usual five petals; most of the flowers are going to be white. The Myrtle plant also has a berry and that berry has the seeds that spread for the reproduction of the plant.

Uses for Myrtle

The thing that you will find with the Myrtle plant is that there are a lot of great uses for it. There are herbal remedies that this plant is used for and other things. The Myrtle plant can actually be used to make a wine and the leaves and berries are used both to create different tasting wines. Since the leaves make an essential oil, this is something that it is also harvested for. With the ways you can use it, be sure that you are checking it out.

Growing Myrtle

If you think that you want to grow this plant, you need to know what it is going to grow best in. The Myrtle plant needs to be in a humid climate and you will generally find it near a sea, lake, river, or an ocean where it can take advantage of the humidity. You also want to be sure that you have good soil that has lots of fertilizer in it. Like any other plant, it needs to have the best drainage out there so that it doesn’t get overwatered. Having ideal conditions will make it grow the best that it can.