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All About the Narcissus Flower

If you don’t know the flower the Narcissus, that is ok, you probably know it better as the Daffodil or the Jonquil. The Narcissus has a lot of history to it in terms of the flower and the people that have used it and have enjoyed it. You will find that there is an interesting story; this story is of a man that was looking at his reflection in a river and stayed there looking at himself for a few weeks. Since he was so caught up in how good looking he was, he actually starved himself to death while he was looking. Today, the flower ties into a meaning of egotism and obviously the word narcissist can be derived from the flower Narcissus.

Description of the Narcissus

Since the Narcissus genus includes other flowers like the daffodil, it is easy to recognize. The family of the Narcissus is full of flowers that bloom through a bulb, and they are generally hardy flowers. The flowers are going to bloom in the spring and they will basically get your gardening season started, you will see them blooming far before most of the other flowers that are out there. This flower grows in a lot of climates and in a lot of places, so it is easy to grow. The flower has a ring of six leaves that are going to create the petal and they really jump out. In terms of colors, you will find them in all kinds of bright ones that will make your yard bright for the spring season.

Uses for the Narcissus

For the Narcissus, there are really two main reasons to use it. The first use is obviously growing it as we have talked about throughout this. This hardy flower looks great planted, it is easy to grow, and it blooms so early in the spring that it brings life to your yard. Secondly, these are used in bouquets, which are also great because they look great and they are relatively cheap flowers. You can have a great bouquet early in the spring for Easter or Mother’s Day that will really stand out and will have that beautiful look to it. Be sure that you are checking out these options and that you are using the Narcissus flower for exactly what it was created for. It is easy to use it for these things and to make sure that you get what you need out of it.

Growing the Narcissus Flower

People like to grow the Narcissus because it blooms so early. You will find that with a bulb plant like this you can put them in the ground the season prior when the winter is approaching. In this sense, when you are ready, it will sprout and grow as soon as the ground thaws and spring starts to hit. You need to make sure that you plant this as soon as you can so that the flowers are coming up as early in the season as you can imagine.