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Nasturtium Flower

All About the Nasturtium Flower

The Nasturtium is a great flower that people use for a variety of different reasons from looking pretty in yards and planters to having options for eating it, you’ll love this flower. You should know how this flower grows and what you can use it for so that you can get the most out of it. The Nasturtium has a great floral meaning that creates a good reason to give it away as a gift to the people that are out there. You will find that the Nasturtium shows that you are able to get victory in a battle and conquest when you need it. This is a flower that definitely shows the strength of people and what they have been through.

Description of the Nasturtium Flower

Translated literally, the Nasturtium means “nose-twister”, which is a funny meaning for sure. This flower is part of the Tropaeolaceae family and there are over 80 species in this family. If you are looking for a showy and bright flower, this is one that you want to look at and it has a lot of uses that people take advantage of with it. This flower is a perennial plant, which means that it comes back year after year, this makes it easy for you to grow it and have it come back in the spring when you are looking at flowers to bloom. All of the colors that the Nasturtium comes in are bright; they are colors like gold, yellow, oranges, and much more. But, the flowers will have a dark center that will make it stand out even more.

Uses for Nasturtium

Since this flower stands out as a bold and beautiful flower, most people that use it are looking to create great arrangements and bouquets out of it. However, there are a lot of people that grow them and they look great in their yards, they are fairly easy to grow also. You will find that you can also eat the Nasturtium, it is edible. You can use the flower in salads as a decoration or you can eat it and get a taste like watercress. People will also use the leaves in a stir fry type recipe. Check this out, it actually tastes great and it will add a lot to your meals when you are cooking when the Nasturtium.

Growing Nasturtium

Over the years, it has been easier and easier to grow the Nasturtium as it has been cultivated more and more. The plant itself is resilient and it can handle a lot of conditions, for example, it is good in direct light or in indirect sunlight. To get the best flowers out of it you will find that you want to have it in direct sunlight; you will get the best blooms that way. Make sure that you have proper drainage set up for it so that you can water them and not overwater them because there is drainage available for them.