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All about Oakridge

Oakridge is a relatively young community which means that it is one of the least historic neighborhoods compared to other areas of Greater Vancouver. Oakridge is a multi-cultural community and is mostly known for the Oakridge Centre Mall and Langara College. The area is also considered by the City of Vancouver a plan in progress meaning that the area has potential for more development of residential and commercial uses. Oakridge is also one of Vancouver’s busiest neighborhoods when it comes to transportation by road during morning and evening rush hours.

History of Oakridge

The Oakridge neighborhood was one of the last few areas in Greater Vancouver to be developed to it’s natural state today. Before the 1940’s, Oakridge wasn’t developed with the exception of a hospital, golf course and a boarding school. After World War II, the area began to develop and expand into the forested area of Oakridge. The Post-War area helped pave the way for the First Jewish Community in Greater Vancouver to move into the area. The Canadian pacific Railway had opened it’s lands to development which erupted in the 1950’s. Several family homes were developed in the area and in 1959, the Oakridge Centre Mall was constructed, which was a main attraction for the residential boom in the area.

Oakridge was dominated with several bungalow homes constructed in the 1950’s-1960’s. Today, those bungalow homes are replaced with multi-level housing. With the introduction of two Canada Line Skytrain Stations in the area, Oakridge has seen an increasing presence of retail and commercial buildings as well.

Geography of Oakridge

Oakridge can best be described as a large rectangle. The neighborhood stretches across to Granville Street on the west, Main Street to the east, West 41st Ave to the north and west 57th Ave to the south.