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Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

All About the Orange Blossom

Indigenous to Florida and other tropical areas, the orange blossom is the beautiful flower of the orange tree. It is, in fact, the official flower of the state of Florida, making it special to those living in the state. The flower makes a beautiful centerpiece and because it is marked by heavy symbolism, you will find it often in wedding bouquets and floral arrangements for a variety of occasions. Considered a harbinger of good luck, health, and fertility, it is popular at weddings and celebrations. Over the years, the orange blossom has been adopted a sign for eternal love.


Description of the Orange Blossom

The actual fruit of the orange tree, the orange, actually comes from two different fruit trees, the mandarin and the pomelo; it is a hybrid of the two which has become a popular fruit of its own. The tree remains green all year round, and produces the gorgeous orange blossom. The tree, itself, will not grow taller than 30 feet, making it easy to harvest the fruits. The pretty, pungent blossom of the orange tree gives way to the fruit, which we are accustomed to enjoying. Those living in tropical areas can enjoy an orange straight from the tree, while others find theirs at the local market. There are several varieties of orange trees, and each one features this beautiful white flower.

Uses for Orange Blossom

Of course, you can eat your oranges. They are delicious and very healthy. They are full of juice that can be squeezed out and enjoyed with any meal. There a great recipes, from salsa to sweets that call for oranges or zest from the peels. There are many different varieties, and most people have one or two favorites, depending on their individual preferences. Oranges are full of Vitamin C and are loaded with antioxidants and other nutrients that help keep you healthy.

The orange blossom, itself, is a beautiful flower that is at home in a many different situations. They make a unique addition to a bridal bouquet, adding symbolism and meaning as well as delicate beauty. It is a wonderful addition to any flower arrangement, especially if you are looking for a strong smelling flower to brighten your home or business. As a result, the orange blossoms are often as popular and sought after as the fruit of the orange tree.

Growing Orange Blossom

Because orange trees demand a specific climate range to thrive, you can only grow a tree in areas with suitable temperatures and precipitation levels. You can duplicate these conditions in a greenhouse setting, if you have a large enough greenhouse to accommodate an orange tree. Orange trees grow best in climates that are warm and humid, but you can have success in dryer areas as well. If you are in a dry climate, you will need to focus on watering to ensure that the tree will bare orange blossoms and, ultimately, fruit. You may be able to grow a tree in colder climates, but you will likely not see blooms or fruit.