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All About the Orchid

A large and varied family of exotic flowers, the orchid family, offers many unique and beautiful blooms. The orchid comes from a vast genus, which includes many different flowering plants. This tropical family of flowers is even more varied because of the many hybrids that have been developed. In fact, there are not as many species of mammals in the world as there are species of orchids. This amazing and unusual flower is representative of beauty and of love, as well as fertility. Professional and amateur growers gain a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from growing orchids.

Description of the Orchid Flower

With over 25,000 different species of orchid across a total of 880 genera, there is truly a bloom for any taste and preference. They have become more popular and you see them more often in florist shops and nurseries now than you did even a decade ago. However, orchids go back to the days of Charles Darwin, who studied orchids and experimented with hybridizing them through cross pollination. He even penned a book on the subject. Orchids are found in the wild in tropical areas, and those who know what to look for find them easy to pick put. There are two kinds of orchids: the single blossom variety, known as monopodial, and the multiple blossom variety, known as sympodial. Some orchids have very small flowers, and others are very large. They come in a variety of colors, the most common being white and shades of purple.

Uses for Orchids

Growing orchids is a hobby for some, a passion for others. Many growers show their orchids at garden parties and special growers' events. Orchid blossoms, no matter what the species, are bright, exotic, and unique, and they are a challenge to grow, making the act of doing so that much more alluring. Those who do not have a green thumb or an interest in growing these temperamental plants can still enjoy their blooms. Many species make beautiful cut flowers, often serving as the focal point for a floral arrangement. They are also popular for bridal bouquets and on some tropical islands; the blossoms are used for hair accessories and floral leis. They make great gifts, and their exotic beauty is certain to dazzle the recipient.

Growing Orchids

Orchids are unusual plants because when growing wild, most species do not grow with their roots planted in the ground. To the contrary, their roots are often grounded in trees and bushes. All species of orchid are denizens of the tropics, and are accustomed to a warm, humid environment. If you are growing an orchid at home, you should use rocks or another growing medium that allows for ample drainage. A plant that generally grows with its roots exposed will not do well when its roots are soaking in heavy, wet soil. These are sensitive plants, and if you do not keep the surrounding climate and watering just right, you might be able to keep the plant alive, but it will not bloom. When growing an orchid, you must make sure to learn what you can about the specific species you have so you can provide the proper conditions.