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All About the Peony

This is a flower that is known throughout Greek mythological stories and one that really stands out throughout Greek history. In Greek history, it is told that the Greek God of medicine, Asclepius, has a student by the name of Paena. This student surpassed the master in terms of understanding and practicing medicine and the teacher became jealous. The story ends with Zeus stepping in and turning the student into a flower to save him from the jealous teacher and what he was going to do. In terms of the floral meaning, this flower stands for shame, but it also stands for a happy marriage and happy life.

Description of the Peony Flower

The Peony is part of a family of flowers called the Paeonia. All of the flowers in this family are flowering plants and there are about 40 species in the family. These are all perennial herbaceous plants that grow throughout southern Europe, North America, and Asia. The peony will actually grow as tall as 9 feet high and it has some leaves that are dark and deep. On the plant, there is a large flower that has a lot of petals on it. The flowers themselves have a strong, sweet fragrance and come in colors like yellow, white, red, and purple. The flower generally blooms in the late spring and throughout the early months of summer. The flowers look beautiful, but they actually smell even better.

Uses for the Peony

The Peony is a flower that has many uses. First, you will find that it is mainly used for arrangements and bouquets. The flowers that come off the Peony are large and fragrant, which make them great for bouquets. They are going to really make an arrangement pop because they can become the star of the arrangement. But, since this is easy to grow, people will also use this as a flower that they can plant in their yards. IT comes back year after year, so planting it is a lot easier than you could have imagined and it really isn’t that picky when it comes to the conditions that it needs. Growing it is a lot easier than you could have imagined and it is the choice for a lot of yards.

Growing the Peony

The nice thing with the Peony is that they are easy to grow in comparison to other flowers. The flowers will actually die in the winter and they will reappear in the spring by themselves, so you don’t have to worry about replanting them over and over again. These flowers do like water, so you need to make sure that you are getting them plenty of water. In the same sense, you need to make sure that they have proper drainage, so that the excess water can run off and it won’t overwater the Peony and cause any issues. Also be aware of soil conditions, the Peony does need certain soil conditions.