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All About the Poinsettia Plant

Are you one of the many people that find the Poinsettia truly amazing? There are many reasons this plant is given so often around Christmas time. It is one of the most gorgeous plants out there and has quite a bit of meaning to it. If you are in love with this plant then you will want to learn all you can about it. You should want to learn where you can find this plant naturally, what it needs to grow and what kinds of uses it has. This information can help you decide if it’s a plant you want to grow or something you want in your house. Here are a few things you’ll want to learn about this traditional Christmas plant.

Description of the Poinsettia Plant

During the holiday season this is one of the most popular plants for people to have in their homes and even in their yards in some climates. It can grow up to sixteen feet tall and usually goes past two feet. Everyone loves the big, bold leaves. There actually isn’t a flower it’s a portion of the leaves that people love. These leaves can actually change color to become the beautiful plant we know and love. The ‘flowers’ and their color are dependent on the species, time of year along with some other specifics. The color range can be between red, green, cream, white and orange. They only take a few days to appear and then they will darken. The ideal condition for this process is making sure the plant has at least 12 hours of darkness every day.

Uses for the Poinsettia Plant

Currently most of us tend to think that the poinsettia is Christmas. We relate it to the holiday so frequently that we often associate it with a colder climate so find it surprising that it’s a tropical plant. Aztecs of the ancient world handed these flowers out to people as gifts and that’s where this tradition sprang from. It was also used to celebrate the birth of Jesus in Mexico. From then to current day, it is now primarily associated with Christmas. These days there is actually a day in December that is known as National Poinsettia day. Regardless of when you decide to share the flower, its color will make a fantastic addition to your home. In addition, they are quite reasonable to pick up around the holidays. One word of caution though, for all the pet owners it’s important to remember that the plant can actually be slightly poisonous if your pets eat it.

Growing the Poinsettia Plant

Actually, there are a few different places you can find the poinsettia. Mexico has many of these flowers that can call it home. Believe it or not they love to grow in tropical rain forests. You can find other species in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and many different areas where there’s a tropical climate. The first United States Minster to Mexico gave the plant its name and made its native place of Mexico very proud.