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All About the Primrose

The primrose flower is a highly versatile thing of beauty, and is in fact an edible plant, and has been reported to taste like lettuce. It is regularly found in foods and drinks (such as herbal teas) and can also be used in arrangements due to its prettiness. It is more commonly referred to as the English Primrose and has the connotation of something special, telling somebody you can’t live without them. Thus it makes an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day flowers, and is a little different to your standard red rose. Why not choose something that is less traditional for this year’s holiday of love and flowers?

Description of the Primrose

The Primrose flower is part of the primula family (not the cheese – specifically the primrose is called “primula vulgaris”) that includes around 400-500 different species of plant. The majority of these flowers are used mainly for decorative purposes – flowers such as the primrose are generally quite rare. Other plants used for herbal teas and in foods can include things like chamomile. The primrose flower will generally bloom during the spring, and is available in a wide range of colors from pink to white, yellow and red! They are a versatile flower due to the fact that they will grow in colder climates as well as warmer ones. It is in fact one of the earliest blooming flowers in Europe.

Uses for the Primrose Flower

The main use for primroses is in the perennial beds of a garden although many people also eat it due to its edible, non-toxic nature. It can be used in cooking or eaten raw, and even used to make a healthy and nutritious herbal tea. The flavor as we have said is something like lettuce, but this can range from a mild lettuce flavor to something that tastes more like bitter salad greens. It is an attractive and eye-catching flower, especially when planted in a range of bright colors, so it is ideal for gardeners or people who want to use it to create floral arrangements. Many people consider it a ground cover and truthfully, this beautiful flower is a fantastic addition to any garden bed. If you’re interested in changing the look of your garden this is the first plant you should consider.

Growing the Primrose Flower

The primrose is quite an easy flower to grow – you just need your basics such as good, pH balanced soil in a light area with a good drainage system and just enough water that they don’t drown but don’t die with dehydration. As with all plants, proper fertilization is also a great idea. All of these flower-growing basics are crucial if you want to get an attractive and healthy looking plant. Other things like regular weeding and a yearly soil-feed of good quality compost are also recommended to keep your beds in tip-top condition and ready to bloom with some wonderful little flowers. Compared to a traditional rose the primrose is far easier to succeed in quality growth and a healthy plant.