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Queen Anne's Lace

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All About Queen Anne's Lace

Are you on the hunt for a flower that is unique? If this is the case consider looking into Queen Anne’s Lace. It is a very popular flower and because of this popularity there are many ways people use and enjoy the flower. It is an edible flower and is popularly used as garnishes. Consider learning its background, growing conditions and uses among a few other things. If you’re interested in Queen Anne’s Lace you will want to learn a few things about it.

Description of Queen Anne's Lace

Many people love to giggle at the strange name of this plant but this isn’t the most interesting fact. Queen Anne’s Lace is in actuality, a wild carrot. There are some other popular names for the plant and these are; bishop’s lace and bird’s nest among some others. It grows throughout the summer to about three feet tall and is considered a biennial plant. It was originally found in Australia, Asia and North America along with a few areas in Europe that have a great climate. Though this plant is a carrot the root won’t actually grow into a carrot, it just smells like one. At the top you will find white flowers that and often there are red flowers dotting the center of it.

Uses for Queen Anne's Lace

There are many people that would be surprised to know that this plant has many uses besides decoration while countless others already know of its wide range of uses.
For avid fans, the fact that you can actually eat Queen Anne’s Lace makes it truly unique and interesting. The part of the plant that is edible is the root, just like a carrot. Some cultures and people have used the root for contraception value and there is some proof to that. In addition, there are many other uses and remedies that are herbal it is claimed to be good for. When some call it a weed they are far off the mark on some accounts. This is a plant that does grow wildly and abundantly but it is also used often alongside crops to help deter pests. If you’re looking for a simple plant that is easy to grow and has a wide ranges of uses the Queen Anne’s Lace is perfect for just that.

Growing Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace has actually been cultivated and because of this is quite a popular flower with many people enjoying growing it. Because people like the flower so much it’s not unusual for you to find it growing in a person’s garden or yard. In addition to that, you will also find it growing wild with frequency. If you’re interested in getting it to grow in your garden you’re in luck. It’s one of the easiest plants to grow when in a temperate climate. Just make sure you have a natural soil that is chemical free and plenty of water. You should also make sure that the soil has good drainage.