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Rose Colour Meanings

Mixed Rose Bouquet

Most everyone considers the red rose as a timeless symbol of love and that is the main reason they are given freely on special days such as Valentine’s Day meant to memorialize that feeling. But were you aware that the red rose also symbolizes respect and courage? Many people are unaware that the color of a rose reflects a deeper meaning and emotion that goes beyond its beauty, although that has never affected its popularity as a gift from the heart.




Rose Dark Red Flower

Rose (Dark Red)

While the common red rose has its roots in love and devotion, the darker hued flower has a different meaning altogether. The deep tones of this flower are thought to convey a reflection of a hidden, unconscious beauty, one that may not be realized immediately. This makes it the perfect gift for someone who may not realize exactly how special they are and will need you to tell them just how much.


Rose Green Flower

Rose (Green)


Rose Lavender Flower

Rose (Lavender)

Have you ever seen a lavender hued rose? It is quite a rare and wondrous sight to behold! Considering that this shade represents the tumult of emotions felt when the feeling of love at first sight is encountered, it makes perfect sense. Consider including a few blooms in a bouquet as a gift to your fiancée when you are ready to ask that big question!

Rose Orange Flower

Rose (Orange)

Rose Peach Flower

Rose (Peach)

Finally, this lovely shade of glowing peach found on roses today is very popular among our business and corporate clients. The reason it is so often included in tokens and gift baskets is that its deeper meaning reflects the feeling of success, making it the perfect choice to celebrate a new business venture, the founding of a fledgling partnership, or just to say thank you to your loyal customer base for a successful year.

Rose Pink Flower

Rose (Pink)

Rose Red Flower

Rose (Red)

Rose Red and White Flower

Rose (Red & White Mixed)

By combining blooms of both these colors into a single bouquet or arrangement, you are expressing your feelings to your loved one on being together in unity. Two made one, expressly by your love for one another.

Rose White Flower

Rose (White)

Have you ever wondered why white roses are often chosen to be used at weddings? The truth is that traditionally it was believed that its color represented joyous love and what better staging for such a bloom that the uniting of two hearts in wedded bliss? Vancouver Florist offers an arrangement of white roses that will reflect that deeper meaning quite nicely.

Rose Yellow Flower

Rose (Yellow)

The yellow rose has long been thought to reflect feelings of lasting friendship between two people. This is the reason it is often the gift of choice for occasions where you want your friends to know just how much they mean to you. It is also known as the bloom that best says Welcome to one who has been gone, or to offer a sincere wish for yourself to be remembered, if you are leaving your circle of friends for a time. Consider sending an arrangement of yellow roses the next time you use Vancouver Florist to send a gift to a friend during the holidays, in honor of all the memories you have shared.