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Say It with Roses - A Sender's Guide

Using Roses to Send Your Message Across

There are a lot of ways to get a message across to someone, but none of those say as much as roses do. We know that red roses say “I love you “, but did you know that there are other colours of roses symbolizing several different meanings? And that different amounts of roses mean different things entirely? There are so many ways to say exactly what you want with roses, and to ensure that the recipient remembers your sentiments, here is a list of the different coloured roses and rose amounts, as well as their definitions:

The Colors Say it All:
  • Coral: Happiness/Fascination
  • Orange: Passion/Secret love
  • Peach: Sympathy
  • Black: Bereavement/Hope
How Many To Send to Get Your Message Across:
  • One rose: Love at first sight
  • Two roses (tied together): Deep mutual love/Marriage proposals
  • Three roses: I love you
  • Six roses: I want to be yours
  • Seven roses: Infatuation
  • Nine roses: Together for all  eternity
  • Ten roses: You are perfect
  • Thirteen roses: Secret admirer
  • Fifteen roses: I’m sorry
  • Twenty-one: Devoted to you
  • Twenty-four: You're on my mind all day
  • Fifty: Love without regret
  • Ninety-nine: I will love you forever

An Extra Tip to Woo Her/Him:

In Japanese culture, a yellow rose in the centre of 11 red roses says that I love you and miss you. How beautiful is that?

No matter what you would like to say, there’s no doubt that the recipient will be ecstatic and surprised to see roses waiting when they open the door. Delivering roses to someone leaves a lasting impression on the recipient and shows that you care. You will also gain “brownie points” by leaving this type of impression on your loved ones on any holiday and occasion. Expressing yourself and getting your message across with roses has never been easier thanks to websites like Vancouver Florist; saying “I love you” or “I miss you” has never been easier. When saying “I love you” or anything else with roses is so easy, then why not order some through Vancouver Florist?