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Security & Privacy

The privacy and security of our customers is of utmost importance to us at Nature's Wonders Florist and because of this, we think it is essential for all of our customers to read and understand our Security and Privacy Policy. We want you to feel completely secure doing business with us, especially when using our website to purchase quality gifts and flower arrangements. We want you to know exactly what we do with any information that you provide.

Information We Collect

When a new customer sets up an account with us, we require certain personal as well as financial information required for payment purposes. Once it is entered, that information will be stored within our website, for our use alone and no one else’s. We will never share or sell any private or financial information provided to us by our customers.

The financial information you provide to us is also held in storage on our system and is protected using software security platforms created for just that purpose. The Extended Validation SSL secure key system that we have in place has been provided by VeriSign, a leader in online encryption technology. Backed by VeriSign, together with McAfee Site Secure, a leader in website monitoring and compliance technology, you can rest assured that your financial information will stay only with us for payment purposes and will not be accessible by any outside party. Thanks to the security measures provided to us by these industry leading providers, no one outside of our company will ever be able to access those records.

How We Use Your Information

Nature's Wonders Florist will only use the information that you provide to us for purchase and delivery purposes, and so that we can quickly respond to any inquiries made by you, and to offer you products or services from our company that may match your interests. We may use it from time to time to contact you about using our products and services, so that we may gauge your satisfaction with the service we provided, as in the case of delivery options or substitutions, or for the purpose of informing you about changes in policy that may affect our relationship of customer and provider.

We use the information you provide us about yourself and your recipients to keep you informed about purchases, receipts and any future sales, services and promotions that we are happy to offer you. We will never use this information for any intention other than those that we find necessary to promote and improve our business, and so that we can continually provide the best security possible for our customers. We never sell the personal information of any customer or recipient of our products to anyone, ever.

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

To make your experience with the Nature's Wonders Florist website a pleasant one, we have designed many of the pages contained within to make use of Cookies. Cookies do not divulge any personal information entered within them to any firm outside of our own, and will be linked only to internal files within our computer system. We often use Cookies as a way of tracking the use of our site, so that we may improve its content and the offerings we sell to the public. Cookies make it easier for you to store your purchase information securely, with only us, so that you will not have to continually re-enter it during your next visit.

Using Cookies will not do any damage to your home computer, and only the website that uses them can alter or change how they are used. You do, however, have the option of disabling Cookies through your browser, as well as deleting any existing Cookies on your computer. We do want you to be aware, however, that disabling Cookies may not allow some of the features found on our website to be used, which could make your visit here less fun, and make it harder to navigate through our website.

In order to keep our website current and timely, we may use Web Beacons on selected pages within it to track visitors. We do this so that we can improve our website by seeing which pages visitors prefer, which items offered might be more popular than others, and which items get viewed more than any other. By keeping track of this kind of information, it allows us to keep our website filled with items that we know our customers want to see, study and hopefully purchase, and for no other reasons than that.

Information Sharing

Because we at Nature's Wonders Florist value the security of our customers’ information, as well as their business, we promise you that we will never share your information with any other company, ever.

Accessing Your Information

When you provide information of any kind to Nature's Wonders Florist, you have the right to update, delete or otherwise change any or all of the information you have provided, including financial. This right also includes opting out of receiving any promotional emails that we regular send out to all of our customers.

On Behalf of Our International Visitors

Our International customers deserve the same security and customer protection services that we offer to our domestic customers, and we continually monitor and upgrade our security to ensure that they do. All of our customers are subject to the same security and privacy laws denoted within the province where our company is located, and will not be subject to any other country’s privacy laws.

We understand that privacy policies will vary throughout the world but our customers can rest assured that the information they provide to us is protected, secured, and that we intend to take all measures necessary to ensure that it remains so. By providing personal information to us, you do consent to its use in accordance with Canadian and Provincial laws regarding privacy policies, including any transference to third parties and local authorities.

Privacy Policy Concerning Minors

We do not, under any circumstances, intentionally collect personal information from minors. If you are under the age of 18, we request that you do not provide such information to us, not even to make a purchase. We will honour an order made on your behalf by someone over the age of 21, but we will not collect any information concerning a minor.


Nature's Wonders Florist reserves the right to make updates to any or all of our Privacy and Security policies. We will make every effort to make any such changes and updates available and known to all of our customers and will notify you of any material changes in the way we handle and secure your personal information. That said, we encourage all of our customers to regular review our policies concerning security and privacy, and if you have any concerns, please contact us directly, using any of the options provided on our Contact Us page.