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All about Shaughnessy

Shaughnessy is mostly made up of a residential neighborhood in a central location of Vancouver. The area is home to many historical housing, many of them built prior to World War II. Shaughnessy still remains one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Vancouver and one of the richest in Canada. Shaughnessy does not have any public schools in the area and students either go to Prince of Wales Secondary or nearby Eric Hamber Secondary in the Oakridge area.

History of Shaughnessy

The neighborhood of Shaughnessy was created in 1907 by the Canadian Pacific Railway. At the time, the Canadian Pacific Railway was the largest developer of its kind and the land was meant for an alternative to the West End near Downtown Vancouver. Thanks to the Canadian Pacific Railway and it’s heavy advertising of the area, Shaughnessy became a highly exclusive neighborhood with large properties owned by high class families. Today, Shaughnessy still remains an exclusive neighborhood and has properties with house hold family incomes ranging from more than 100,000 a year. Shaughnessy was named after Thomas Shaughnessy, a president of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Geography of Shaughnessy

The borders of Shaughnessy are 16th Ave to the north, 41st Ave to the south, Oak Street on the east and Arbutus Street on the west.