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All About the Snapdragon Flower

The snapdragon is a flower reminding us of myths and fairy tales. Its name is derived from the Greek language referring to the flower looking like a dragon head. It is sometimes called the dragon flower. It is a pretty, deep pink flower but also grows in yellow, white, crimson, and purple and even in bronze. The snapdragons grow in three different sizes, dwarf, medium and tall, with the dwarf only growing up to six or eight inches tall and the tall species growing up to forty-eight inches in height. Medium is anything in between, the tallest medium being thirty inches. Some people believe that snapdragons used to be wildflowers in the southern regions of Europe. They have a couple of meanings, one is that of a lady being gracious and another of being deceptive. As with so many flowers that have several meanings attributed to them, sometimes one fits, other times the other meaning is more fitting.

Description of the Snapdragon Flower

Snapdragons are perennials, meaning that they will bloom for a long time to come. They generally begin to bloom in June and will let you feast your eyes on their beauty all summer. They love to grow in full sunlight but are hardy enough to withstand a little frost in the late fall. After they have bloomed, cut the stalks back to maybe six inches and then add a little fertilizer to the soil. This way you may be able to get the flower to bloom once more in the autumn. They seem to have very little problems with insects or other diseases plaguing flowers and plants.

Uses for the Snapdragon

These flowers are excellent for tall vases. If you cut flowers from the tall species, you can actually place them into a beautiful floor vase. Shorter ones will make your tables and windows into a gorgeous display of colors and fragrance. They are just as beautiful outside as inside the house. They will decorate your yard and flower garden in a really pretty array of colors. They also attract all kinds of birds and bees so that you can watch a busy insect and birdlife to and fro all afternoon long. They are very pretty flowers and will make a stunning addition to your flower garden.

Growing the Snapdragon

Snapdragons are grown from seed. Two or three weeks are needed for germination. This process can be a little faster if you place the seeds of the snapdragons onto a germination mat indoors. Do this about two months before the area you live in has its last frost for the season. When the frost has gone, you can plant your seeds outside. They need soil that has really good draining properties. Too much moisture in the soil will make the roots deteriorate. You should be informed about all the requirements this flower has for good growth. When you have learned where to plant them, you will know to plant them in full or partial sun. Do keep them out of the shady side of your property.