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All About Solidago

More commonly known as the Goldenrod flower, the Solidago flower is a popular flower today that people know and like. You will find that the Solidago flower has a lot of uses and people really appreciate it for more than just the color that it is. From growing it to putting it in bouquets or the many other uses that it has, this is a great flower to check out and it has many different uses. Be sure that you are figuring out what you can use it for and make the most of what the Solidago or Goldenrod can do for you.

Description of Solidago

You will find that the family that the Solidago is in actually has over 100 species in it. The majority of the flowers in the family are actually perennials, this means that they will keep coming up each spring without having to be replanted. But, surprisingly enough is where you will find the Goldenrod, it can be found in ditches, pastures, meadows, and all over, it doesn’t need a lot to grow and you will see it all over the roadsides throughout America. It is a beautiful flower that people tend to notice.

Uses for the Solidago Flower

One of the important things to know about the Solidago or the Goldenrod plant is the fact that it can cause hay fever. When you have this in bulk, or you are in a field that is full of it, it will make you sneeze or worse if you have hay fever. A lot of people tend to be susceptible to it, so you really want to be careful when you are looking at that and know what to do so that you can avoid it. Planting it in your yard is a common use for it and a reason for people to grow it. There are other uses for it too, you can eat it when you boil it, and it actually tastes pretty good. You will also find that it is a sign of good fortune and good luck, so when a lot of people are growing it or giving it away as a gift, they are doing it for that reason alone.

Growing the Solidago Flower

The best part about the Solidago plant is that you really don’t have to do a lot to grow it, it really grows on its own. This is seen as it is all over the highway and it is a flower that is known as a roadside attraction when it takes over fields and meadows on the side of the road. In fact, sometimes, it seems like the Solidago ends up being a nuisance plant because it grows just about anywhere and it grows on its own. If you want a flower that you can let go, you want to check this out and really take full advantage of it, let it go and let it make beautiful gold blooms in your yard.